Why, When And How: Second Hair Transplant?

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Hair Transplant is one of the efficient and least invasive hair restoration procedure that provides a permanent result. In general, just one method is enough for the patients to achieve the aspired result. But in some exceptional cases, the patients might not be able to obtain the desired result. They might feel that the hair surgeon could have extracted more hair follicles from the donor’s hair to provide a fuller appearance in the balding area or might also not be satisfied with the outcome of the hairline. So they may choose to undergo a second hair transplant procedure.

Why do you need to undergo a second Hair Transplant procedure?

During the first Hair transplant procedure, the surgeons can face quite a difficulty in achieving a completely natural appearance as the number of hair grafts that have been extracted from the donor area is limited. Again in some cases, instead of obtaining the most desirable result, patients may end up having a blotchy or scarred appearance and may choose to undergo a second hair transplant.

Patients who are not contemplated with the result of their first procedure must first consult with their surgeon to find out if they are eligible for undergoing a second hair transplant for density. But the patients must also remember that it takes nearly a year for the full hair transplant result to show up.

People may tend to start losing some hair immediately after undergoing a hair transplant procedure. But sometimes the patients experience excessive hair loss, and patients start developing new bald patches and experience more hair thinning. In such cases, people may choose to undergo a second hair transplant for density.

When to undergo a second hair transplant procedure?

Depending on the progression of baldness, the patients may wish to accomplish the best second hair transplant results even after several years of undergoing the first procedure. But in general, patients who want to opt for a second hair transplant procedure must have sufficient donor hair that is resistant to hair loss and present on the back and sides of the head.

Another most crucial factor that surgeons consider before performing a second hair transplant is the skin elasticity. People with the least skin elasticity are usually not regarded as ideal candidates for undergoing a second hair transplant for density or hairline prominence because, for such cases, there is a chance for excessive scarring.  

Now some patients need to undergo a corrective procedure due to the presence of some excessive scarring after the first hair transplant procedure. This mostly happens when patients experience a hair restoration procedure from an inexperienced surgeon who has executed a poor or an outdated method. In such cases, people can choose to accomplish the most aspired second hair transplant results to resolve these issues.

How is a second hair transplant procedure performed?

Both the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) can be used as a corrective procedure. The surgeon mostly performs a camouflage technique where the smaller hair grafts are implanted next to the larger ones to improve the overall appearance. In some cases, the surgeons may also choose to combine both the procedures to ensure the best 2nd hair transplant results.

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