Why Dermal Fillers Are A Great Addition To Your Anti Ageing?

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Aesthetics have become of prime importance to people belonging to all age groups. This is one of the primary reasons for cosmetic surgeries becoming more popular with each passing day.

The skin tone of a person naturally changes with age. These ageing signs can be hidden or delayed for a substantial amount of time using anti-ageing treatments like the botulinum injection technique to treat wrinkles and the use of dermal fillers in the face. These are non-surgical injectable approaches toward anti-ageing.

The biggest dermal fillers use is that it works proactively and provides preventive treatment for the maintenance of smooth skin helping in anti-ageing.

What are the changes seen on the skin with ageing?

As one’s age advances the skin loses its volume, moisture, and elasticity. The middle layers of the skin consist of elastin and collagen. Collagen helps in the retention of moisture and the volume of the skin, whereas, elastin provides the ability to the skin to bounce back (the skin’s elasticity). 

What are dermal fillers and what is dermal filler treatment?

Along with the loss of collagen and elastin, another component of the skin known as hyaluronic acid also decreases with age. The hyaluronic acid helps in absorbing and storing the moisture content of the skin.

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected under the skin. Most dermal fillers have hyaluronic acid as it’s the most active ingredient. This hyaluronic acid helps in attracting and storing moisture for the skin. This in turn helps the skin in regaining the volume that is lost due to the laxity of skin and collagen loss due to ageing.

There are several dermal filler products available to treat the various signs and symptoms of aging on the skin. Dermal fillers use include filling in the wrinkles, giving volume to the lips and the cheeks, and tightening the sagging skin. The popularity of dermal fillers has led to the introduction of several new dermal fillers and advanced dermal fillers in the market.

Benefits of Dermal fillers

-Dermal fillers not only provide volume to the aging skin, but the best dermal fillers also help in triggering a regenerative response in the body.

-Methods like chemical peels and dermabrasion help in new collagen formation in the skin. But, these methods have a recovery period of several days or weeks. However, after dermal fillers treatment, one can immediately go to work after the procedure is completed.

-Benefits of dermal fillers consisting of hyaluronic acid include the ability to dissolve the effect of the dermal filler using a special solution of the patient does not like the result or in case of any adverse reaction. Also, most of these dermal fillers consist of lidocaine, which is an anaesthetic agent and reduces any pain or discomfort during the dermal filler treatment.

Are dermal fillers safe?

The dermal fillers cost is known to be on the higher side. Several unknown brands are promoting dermal fillers in the face for anti-ageing. But, one must be careful to not buy any new dermal fillers from the black market or online and to undergo the procedure under an experienced and skilled doctor.

So are dermal fillers safe? Yes, when done under a good surgeon the procedure is generally safe. A good surgeon will first examine you, explain to you what are dermal fillers and what is dermal filler treatment, tell you about the different dermal fillers uses, choose the best dermal fillers in your case, and also explain in detail about the possible side effects after dermal fillers treatment.

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