When Can I Cut My hair After Hair Transplant?

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You must have spoken with your barber about your hair loss. If your hair loss becomes more severe, your barber may recommend different cuts to get the most remarkable appearance with the hair you still have. After hair loss, the majority of the patients express unhappiness with their barber. Fortunately, a hair transplant can help with such issues. You can return to your old haircut regimen when you receive your hair back following the hair transplant.

Cutting hair after a hair transplant will feel just like the haircuts you had before you started losing your hair. At Artius Clinic, we have seen our patients showing eagerness to know ‘how long after the hair transplant can I get a haircut?’ They are eager to have their first haircut so they can create a long-term hairdo.

When can I get a haircut after a hair transplant? It is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding the treatments following a hair transplant. So, now is the time to understand everything there is to know about haircuts and hair transplants!

Right After Hair Transplant

Assume you have recently undergone a hair transplant. The term “hair transplant aftercare” will be used frequently. To get the most outstanding results, you need to be particularly careful for a while and follow the aftercare instructions to the letter. So, before thinking about when I can cut my hair after a hair transplant, keep in mind that even cleaning your hair should be done with care.

Your scalp will require additional treatment due to the time it takes for grafts to properly settle. The transplanted follicles will be in a solid location and seal themselves with the skin after ten days. It is preferable to wait until they have completely healed and the scalp is free of scabbing, scarring, and redness. You must wash your hair with your specific shampoo for the first month, and you must be careful with your scalp.

After the wash, do not use a hairdryer, instead use a towel with gentle motions. After a while, you will notice that the hair you already had before the hair transplant starts to grow, and the regular hair grows at a quicker rate than the transplanted hair. So you can have a haircut if you do not like the way your hair looks because of the difference in growth pace. However, this is only true for donor hair and not transplanted hair. It is also a good idea to put off having a haircut for at least three weeks.

When can you get your hair cut after a hair transplant?

After the second month, your transplanted hair will begin to grow, but it will be considerably thinner than the rest of your hair. They will tumble for the final time in a short time. It is known as Shock Hair Loss, where the new hair will fall out and come back with increased density and thickness, exactly like baby teeth. The new hair will be resistant to hair loss and will endure an infinite period.

After you have grown back your thick hair following the shock hair loss, you can ask your doctor an answer to ‘when can I have a haircut after hair transplant?’ If you decide to style your hair, make sure that you cut it with scissors for a while. As previously stated, the transplanted grafts are quite fragile at first. So, even after being sealed and secured, getting a haircut with a shaving machine may damage the transplanted hair follicles since it does not operate like scissors as it can cut hair from a distance. The shaving machine, on the other hand, must be kept near to the skin. So, ideally, you must wait six months post the hair transplant to use a shaving machine for a completely risk-free haircut.

Hair Color After A Hair Transplant

It is a common concern that many people have after having their hair transplanted. You must use specific chemicals to colour your hair, and these chemicals may irritate the skin on your scalp in the weeks after your hair transplant. It would be better to wait a while after the surgery to ensure that your scalp is in good health before deciding to colour your hair. Talk to your surgeon before undergoing any hair treatment.

If you want to undergo a hair transplant or want to know more about when I can get a haircut after a hair transplant, you may reach out to Artius Clinic.

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