What To Expect At Your Hair Transplant Consultation?

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A hair transplant consultation is one of the most significant steps that a patient must undergo before undergoing the surgical procedure. Deciding whether or not to undergo a hair transplant procedure can be overwhelming to many people. As a patient, you may have several concerns regarding the surgery. Before your hair transplant appointment, your doctor will address every query you have and only then proceed with a personalised treatment plan. 

Hair transplant is considered to be one of the most effective hair restoration processes that yield permanent and natural results. A consultation with an experienced and proficient surgeon will allow you to discuss and resolve all your queries before undergoing this surgical procedure. During the first consultation, your hair surgeon will take you through the following steps before a personalised treatment plan is offered to you. 

  • Discussing your medical history

If you have researched different hair restoration clinics, you may have noticed that many offer a free initial consultation. In most clinics, the initial hair transplant consultation is a marketing and sales gimmick, more like selling the most costly treatment that is not suitable. However, at Artius clinic, you will meet Dr Sagar Gundewar, who will answer all your hair transplant consultation questions and provide you with the most honest advice only after understanding your medical history. Your medical history will help him determine the most suitable hair restoration procedure that will be safe and effective.

  • Assessing your hair loss

Your doctor will thoroughly examine the degree of your hair loss at your initial hair transplant appointment that will help them determine the most suitable hair transplant procedure. The density of your hair, degree of miniaturisation, and hair loss pattern will all be analysed to give you an estimate of the number of hair grafts required to achieve the most natural appearance. Even though most patients are considered suitable for a hair transplant procedure, some people might not be considered eligible for this process. 

Only an experienced surgeon will discuss potential alternatives to a hair restoration surgery at the initial hair transplant appointment, in addition to discussing the risks and benefits of the treatment. 

What should you discuss at your hair transplant consultation?

A hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure wherein the hair follicles from the donor area are transferred to the recipient area to accomplish the most natural appearance. You may have several concerns that your doctor can address during your initial consultation. While some clinics address minor concerns over hair transplant online consultation, it is advised to visit the clinic. 

At Artius clinic, you will consult with Dr Sagar Gundewar, who will be glad to discuss every concern you have. Generally, the initial hair transplant consultation at Artius is all about doubt clearing so that you can leave the clinic feeling confident and well-informed. However, if you are anxious and unaware of what to discuss, here are some hair transplant consultation questions you can ask. 

  • Will there be any pain or discomfort associated with the surgery?
  • How can I ensure that my recovery is fast and risk-free?
  • How long should I wait to see the result of the procedure?

You may want to ask several other questions based on your health and your expectations. These questions differ from one person to another, and Dr Sagar Gundewar at Artius clinic respectfully welcomes them. 

Why choose us?

Artius is one of the most advanced hair clinics in Mumbai, where many people choose to undergo a successful hair transplant procedure. Hundreds and thousands of successful hair transplant procedures are performed in our clinic, and most of the patients have regarded us to be one of the best clinics to undergo a hair transplant. There are several other factors that you may consider before you choose the Artius clinic. Some of them are-

  • Atrius is a non-profit medical clinic that has empanelled some of the best hair transplant surgeons who are proficient and experienced professionals.
  • The clinic is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of service and offers the patients the desired results.
  • The clinic is equipped with the latest infrastructure and technology. The medical and non-medical staff are trained to use the equipment furnished. 
  • Artius also offers the most flexible payment system in the city, keeping in mind every patient’s individual spending capacity.
  • The clinic staff are dedicated to maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment in and around the clinic.

If you are looking for one of the best clinics for a hair transplant procedure, you may want to consider Atrius clinic.

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