What Is Rhinoplasty?

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‘What is rhinoplasty surgery for the nose?’ It is one of the most commonly asked questions by patients looking forward to undergoing a nose job. Rhinoplasty refers to the change in the shape of your nose made by altering the bone or cartilage. It is one of the most popular plastic surgeries that changes the way your nose looks and feels. Though it is a selective procedure, ‘What is nose rhinoplasty?’ is commonly answered by surgeons who also suggest this procedure to patients facing health complications.

But why do people undergo it? Generally, people who are unsatisfied with their appearance undergo a rhinoplasty. In addition, it is recommended for people who have injured their nose, have breathing problems or have birth defects.

What does a rhinoplasty do to change the appearance of your nose? It can help you alter various things such as the following-

  • Adjusting the size of the nose
  • Altering the angle
  • Straightening of the bridge
  • Nose tip reshaping
  • Narrowing nostrils

If you are getting a rhinoplasty for changing your appearance rather than an issue, you should wait till the nasal bone grows fully. In girls, it grows fully when they are around 15 years and for boys a little later than that. For correcting any breathing problems, you can undergo surgery at a younger age.

What is the rhinoplasty procedure?

You can do the surgery in the doctor’s clinic, hospital or even in the outpatient department. If you need a simple nose job, then local anaesthesia should be enough to numb the face. A medicine that makes you dizzy but you remain awake might be given through an IV as well.

General anaesthesia makes you completely unconscious. It is preferably used for children. Depending on the requirements, the doctor will use either general or local anaesthesia. After administering the anaesthesia, the surgeon will make cuts between or inside the nostrils. Then, they begin reshaping by separating the skin from nose bones and cartilage. Extra cartilage is taken from your ears or from deep inside the nose in case it is needed. If you require more, then you might get a bone graft or implant. Bone graft is the addition of bone to existing nose bone. Usually, the time of surgery is 1-2 hours, but if it is complex, it can last longer.

What is after a nose rhinoplasty?

The surgeon places a plastic or metal splint on your nose after the surgery. It provides support to the nose to retain the new structure. In addition, nasal packs and splints fitted inside the nostrils can help stabilise the septum (the part between the nostrils).

For a few hours after the surgery, you will be kept in a recovery room under observation. Once everything is stable, you will be allowed to go home. It will help if you have somebody to drive you because the effect of anaesthesia might alter your thinking capabilities. In case of a complex procedure, you might be asked to spend a few days in the hospital.

You need to elevate your head above the chest level to reduce the nose bleeding and swelling. Feeling congested is normal when your nose is swollen or filled with cotton. The splints and dressings need to be kept for at least a week after the procedure. If you have absorbable stitches, then they will dissolve. If the stitches are not dissolvable, then you need to go to your doctor after a week to get them removed. Various medicines used during the surgery can cause memory loss, impaired judgements and slow reactions. You can ask a friend or relative to spend the night to help you.

It is common to bleed and drain mucus after the surgery. Therefore, you will have a drip pad; a gauze taped below your nose to retain the blood and mucus. Your doctor or care team will tell you how and when to change the dressing. Headaches, feeling puffy, and some pain is expected, and they can be treated with medicines.

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