What Is Lip Augmentation Surgery?

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Lip enhancement or lip augmentation surgery enables people to have fuller lips. It is very beneficial for people who have thin lips as it enhances the beauty of a person’s face. Lip augmentation with silicone implants or dermal fillers plumps up the lips. As it is a non-invasive surgery, it takes less time to recover as well. Lip augmentation is one of the most inexpensive and effective techniques to give you the looks you desire.

The Best Candidates for Lip Augmentation:

If you want to undergo lip augmentation, you should be in excellent health. It is advised that you do not undergo the procedure if your doctor finds you unfit for the same. You are not suitable if you have:

  • Particular dreadful illnesses
  • Cold infection
  • Diabetes

Moreover, if you have wounds on your lips, you should not consider getting a lip augmentation.

Types of Lip Augmentation

Different types of lip augmentation are:

Lip Enhancement With Injectable Materials
The effects of various carcinogens used for lip augmentation might last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the kind employed. Therefore, the physician is the best person to choose the most suited injectable material to a person’s needs.

Collagen Centered Fillers
Collagen-based fillers are divided into three types based on whether they came from humans or animals (mainly cows).

  • Human Originated Collagen Filler- It is the treatment strategy for those who are allergic to senile salts. As these fillers are sourced from humans, no allergy testing needs to be performed before the procedure.
  • Bovine Originated Collagen Filler- It may be obtained from disease-free cows raised in a disease-free environment. As it is not produced from humans, those who choose this filler must have an allergy test before undergoing the procedure to avoid complications.
  • Acid Centered Fillers- Ellagic acid is found in acid-based fillers. The acid, which is biodegradable and pure, may be found in one’s joints and skin. There are no negative repercussions. The acid combines water from the molecules on the lips, making them organically wet.

Surgical Method

One of the most common questions answered by plastic surgeons is what is lip augmentation surgery and how it works?

Lip augmentation necessitates local or general anaesthesia and is finished by making cuts on the contour of their lips. The incisions are generally small. After an incision is created, a hollow must be formed to house the implant, which may then be threaded to the lip after the implant is in place. After that, it is trimmed to the perfect size, and the cuts are stitched up. There are two types of materials used in surgical implants. They are:

  • Human tissue predicated- These are made from human skin or cells. They must meet all FDA requirements for consumer safety. The results are long-lasting and typically superior to those obtained by conventional approaches. Overall, the risks associated with surgical procedures are larger than those associated with fat or filler transfer. Disease, stiffness, discolouration of the lips, implant rejection, migration, and other issues might occur.
  • Polymer established- It is constructed of a medicinal version of the same material that is used to make raincoats and tents. It is moderately inelastic and has pores that allow specific problems to grow organically. When the tissue heals, the plastic becomes a permanent part of the brow structure.
  • Fat Transport- It is without a doubt the safest type of lip augmentation surgery. The treatment involves removing fat from another part of the body and injecting it into the lips. Following this procedure, the lips look to be extremely natural and elastic. Because the fat is distributed across the patient’s whole body, the risks associated with this kind are minimal.

These are some of the types of lip augmentation that you can choose from.

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