What Is Hair Grafting?

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It is indeed sad that we understand the value of a thing after losing it. The same is valid for hair loss because we know the value of our healthy locks after experiencing baldness and hair thinning. Many people embrace baldness, but they don’t choose it. At times, they may miss their healthy and shiny hair.

Extreme hair loss can rupture one’s self-confidence. Therefore, it is required to take timely actions to prevent baldness and excessive hair fall. Hair transplant is one of the methods that can restore your lost hair and help regain your self-confidence. In this process, the prepared hair grafts are implanted into the bald regions.

Before understanding the types of hair transplant procedures, let’s know what is graft in hair.

A graft is a term used to describe a skin strip that contains healthy hair follicles. These grafts can be obtained and prepared from any part of the body but are usually taken from the backside of your scalp. Surgical approaches and grafting techniques determine the size and shape of the graft. The tissues are removed from the donor site and are used for preparing grafts.

What is a graft in a hair transplant?

As discussed, grafts are skin strips that are prepared for a hair transplant procedure. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are majorly used hair transplant techniques.

In the FUT technique, the grafts are extracted from the donor area using stereoscopic dissecting microscopes. These grafts are then primed and prepared to implant in the recipient area. Your surgeon marks the bald spot and makes small incisions to insert the grafts in the area with low hair volume. These grafts are matched with the length and direction of the existing hair to provide a natural look.

In the FUE hair transplant process, individual hair follicles are used to cover the bald spots. It does not require the removal of a skin strip to carry the transplantation process. Instead, the individual hair follicles are preserved and prepared for implantation.

These two processes can easily answer the question ‘what is the hair grafting method?’

What affects the suitability of hair grafts?

The factors that can affect the graft condition and impact your hair transplant procedure include:

  • Dehydration
    The dry environment is unfavourable for your hair grafts. They can survive only 16 minutes in a harsh and dry climate. Hence, it is recommended to store them in a saline solution.
  • Temperature
    It is recommended to store the grafts in a chilled environment. High temperature and humidity can impact the hair follicles and affect your hair transplantation process.
  • Oxygen
    When your surgeon extracts the grafts from the donor area, the grafts lack oxygen. The lack of oxygen can hamper their condition, and they may not function properly.

All these conditions decide the lifespan of your hair grafts. Therefore, it is essential to keep your hair grafts in a favourable condition to get the most out of your hair transplant process. Unhealthy grafts may lead to a failed hair restoration process, and you may need to undergo a repetitive cycle.

Moreover, when you know what graft is in a hair transplant, you can easily discuss your concerns. You may easily understand your doctor’s view, and it can help you make an informed decision.

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