What is FUE technique?

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Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant is done by taking individual hair follicles out of the skin. A piece of skin or scalp is taken out at once and is then grafted to the area with scanty hairs. These follicles are transplanted to the area where the hair density is low. The technique makes the hair look thicker. The FUE technique was developed to replace the FUT (follicular unit transplantation) technique. Over time, the technique gained more popularity. 


One of the reasons for the popularity of FUE is that it does not leave any scar. Your eligibility for a follicular unit extraction hair transplant depends on the presence of healthy and thick hair follicles to transplant to the balding area. 


FUE technique hair transplant is a technique in which surgeons make micro punctures on your scalp to extract hair follicles; thus, it does not leave any sign of hair extraction. The FUE treatment is done by taking individual hair strands from your skin which is then grafted to the area with thinner hairs. It is more popular than the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) procedure.


After the FUE treatment, you may experience swelling and sensitivity in the area of the transplant. These side effects fade away in a few days. It is considered safe, but you may experience minor side effects like tiny white scars. In rare cases, there can be a possibility of infection.


The complete process of follicular unit extraction takes multiple sessions. The sessions can last between 2 to 4 hours spread over several days. It is an outpatient process, so you can go home after each session. You can consult a dermatologist or an expert who is qualified to do hair transplant surgery. It would be advisable if you do not rub your hairs vigorously after undergoing the treatment. 


The transplanted hairs start to grow back in 3 to 4 months. 10-80 percent of the transplanted hairs grow back after the treatment.

How does a FUE hair transplant work?

Ageing delays the process of hair growth and varies in different people. Some get bald in their 20s, while others get bald at a much older age. FUE technique hair transplant replaces the old hair follicles with new ones. The transplanted follicles get nourishment from the blood vessels and begin to grow hair in the bald area.

Procedure for FUE hair transplant

The FUE method of hair transplant works in the following manner:

  • At first, the surgeon shaves the hair from the area where follicles will be removed and around the transplant area.
  • Next, a micropuncture tool is used to remove the strands from the skin.
  • Tiny incisions are made with a needle or a sharp tool to insert the extracted follicles.
  • In the next step, the surgeon inserts the strands in the incisions.
  • The area with the transplant is cleaned and bandaged for the recovery and healing process.

For more information on FUE hair transplant, you may call Artius clinic.

Targeted areas for treatment

FUE hair transplant is generally performed on the scalp, but you can also do it on your arms, legs, and genital areas. You can undergo FUE treatment in the areas where the hair growth is low.

What to expect after a FUE hair transplant

You should follow some precautions after undergoing an FUE treatment. These are:

  • Do not rinse or shampoo wash your hair for at least three days after the treatment.
  • Use gentle shampoos for a few weeks to wash your hairs.
  • Do not brush your hairs for at least three weeks.
  • Do not involve yourself in any strenuous physical activity for at least a week.
  • Rest as much as possible so the hair follicles heal quickly.
  • Do not cover your hair until your doctor suggests.

These are some aftercare tips you can follow to reduce the risk of getting any swelling and help in the recovery process.

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