What Exactly Is Rhinoplasty?

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If you ever wonder about ’what is rhinoplasty’, then you are on the right page. The rhinoplasty procedure is done to contour the shape or size of your nose and make it look more attractive and sharp. This procedure is also known as the famous ‘nose job’ and is an effective way to improve the shape of your nose.

Rhinoplasty surgery is a very safe method to beautify the nose if you are not satisfied with its shape or size. Over the years, the procedure has gained popularity and many people undergo surgical rhinoplasty to look more beautiful and have a symmetrical face.

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What can rhinoplasty surgery accomplish?

People who undergo this surgery have different aesthetic goals which they want to accomplish from the treatment. Many people opt for a rhinoplasty procedure for hump removal, nostril deduction, and contouring the nose.

Patients consulting at Artius have a similar goal-get a smaller, thinner, and much straighter nose bridge. To achieve a sharp nose and fulfill the patients’ expectations, our surgeons use various techniques and equipment to structure your nose. After the surgery, you will have an improvised version of your nose that is more structured and shaped.

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What happens at a Rhinoplasty Consultation?

During the first visit, the cosmetic surgeon will most likely discuss your goals and expectations from the treatment. The discussions about surgery, types of it and what will suit you more will be done on the first day of consultation. The surgeon then examines the nose, evaluates it from inside and out and will also assess if your nose is fit for the surgery or not.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

In most cases, the surgeons don’t perform the procedure on an individual unless he or she has crossed the age of 15 at minimum. Also, physical changes like the shape of the face or nose occur in individuals after they hit puberty, so it’s wise that an individual undergoes rhinoplasty surgery after they hit puberty.

What are the types of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

If you don’t know the answer to what is rhinoplasty and its types, then it’s time to get into the details. It is already understood that the procedure (nose job) is done to improve the overall look, shape, and size of the nose.

Rhinoplasty surgery is mainly of two types; the closed technique and the open technique.

Open rhinoplasty: In open rhinoplasty, the surgeon will make a small slit between your nostrils. In this technique, the surgeon has more freedom to contour your nasal shape.

Closed rhinoplasty: In closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes the incision in the inner part of your nostrils. In this technique, it takes less time for the surgeons to complete the job and it also leaves you with lesser operative healing.

How long does the procedure take?

Time taken by the procedure depends on the intricacy of it. Usually, the entire procedure will take around two hours or less. Also, the duration depends on the individual’s needs, goals, and expectations from the surgery.

Is the procedure painful?

Many patients might not feel any kind of discomfort or pain during the surgery. However, you can experience mild nausea or a headache after the surgery. All these post-surgery symptoms can be easily managed with some painkillers and bed rest.

What is the recovery like?

After undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, you will experience bruising or mild swelling for a week or two. You’ll be asked to wear a splint on your nose and will be advised to avoid any strenuous activity. The swelling will continue for a month; however, you can resume your daily activities after having a follow-up appointment with your surgeon.

Why choose us?

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