What Are The Side Effects Of Liposuction?

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Have you been heeding a healthy diet and a strict exercise regime to lose a significant amount of weight? But do you still find some unwanted fat deposits at several parts of the body? If this is your case, then don’t be upset because now you can get rid of these unwanted fat deposits from your body by undergoing a Liposuction procedure.

 A Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is used to remove the unwanted fatty deposits from specific parts of the body like abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms and even necks. However, Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure or a remedy for obesity. Only people who have attained their ideal body weight are considered eligible for undergoing this procedure. But before taking the final decision, the candidates need to consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

How long does the Liposuction result last?

The best part is the final result of Liposuction is long-lasting only if candidates can maintain a healthy lifestyle and a stable weight after undergoing the procedure. But the patients will not be able to notice the final result immediately as they have to wait until the swelling disappears completely. For most of the people, the final result may take up to six months to appear even though this time can widely vary from person to person.

What are the side effect of liposuction surgery?

Liposuction is usually a safe surgical procedure. But any surgical procedure can include some amount of risks. Some of the probable side effects of Liposuction consists of the following-

  1. Contour irregularities– After undergoing a Liposuction procedure, patients may find some bumps on their skin as a result of uneven fat removal, reduced skin elasticity or unusual healing. This can be a long term side effect of Liposuction as it might happen due to the damage occurred beneath the skin with the thin tube called a cannula (through which the liquefied fat is removed from the skin).
  2. Accumulation of fluids– This is one of the temporary side effects of Liposuction that includes the accumulation of pockets of fluid (seroma) that can form under the skin which can be removed from the body with a needle.
  3. Numbness– Numbness at the treatment site is one of the most uncommon and minor side effects of Liposuction that might occur due to temporary nerve excitability.
  4. Infection– Skin infection is a rare side effect that is associated with Liposuction. However, severe skin infections may also be life-threatening.
  5. Internal organ puncture– This is the rarest side effects of Liposuction in IndiaThe cannula that is used to extract the fat from the body can accidentally penetrate too deeply and cause an internal puncture of an organ. Condition like this may require immediate medical help.
  6. Fat embolism- Fat embolism is a medical emergency that might appear when the pieces of loose fat break away and become trapped in the blood vessel that ends up getting accumulated in the lungs or to the brain.
  7. Kidney and heart issues- As Liposuction involves injecting a large amount of medical fluid, so removing the liquefied solution mixture from the body can end up harming kidney, heart and lungs.
  8. Lidocaine toxicity- Lidocaine is an anaesthetic that is administered to the patients before starting a Liposuction procedure as this helps to reduce the pain. Although it is a safe anaesthetic, sometimes its toxicity may give rise to some severe heart and nervous system problems.

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