What are the side-effects of a cheap hair transplant?

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When people experience significant hair loss, they experience a self-imposed social limitation and mental wreck. Hair Loss can be partial or complete, and a hair transplant can help achieve improved aesthetics. It is ideal to undergo a hair transplant procedure under the guidance of an accomplished surgeon. Unfortunately, due to increased demand, many clinics throughout the country offer cheap hair transplant. 

As much as cost-effective procedures benefit you monetarily, the consequences can be devastating. Beware of these clinics as you may experience the worst side effects of hair transplant because of your wrong decision. 

Many clinics can offer the best yet cheap hair transplant only when they take shortcuts. The service providers may offer surgery or consultation without board-certification or any experience. Hair transplant is one of the least invasive surgical procedures, but it does involve some side effects. Though the hair transplant side effects are not fatal, cheap hair transplant under inexperienced hands can lead to severe issues. 

Some of the painful and harmful side effects of hair transplant are as follows:

  1. Serious post-surgery complications

Some severe complications include excessive bleeding, excessive swelling, infections and pain. Some clinics that offer hair transplant at a low cost do not maintain the required standard of hygiene, thus exposing you to the worst transplant hair side effects. Post-surgery complications can affect your health and impact your life. 

  1. Excessive scarring

The two most widely used hair transplant techniques are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), leaving behind scars differently. For FUE it’s just tiny dot like scars, whereas for FUT it’s a long linear scar from where the strip is extracted. Experienced surgeons perform the procedures so that the scars vanish over time, and some expert surgeons may also camouflage the scars if needed. However, clinics that claim to perform the best cheap hair transplant are mostly badly-conducted organised surgeries in clinics that may result in excessive scarring. Excessive scarring is a side effect hair transplant that may need you to undergo corrective procedures.

  1. Poor growth

While performing a hair transplant surgery, inexperienced surgeons offering cheap hair transplant may mishandle the grafts that may reduce the hair graft’s longevity. Under such circumstances, you will realise that you need a corrective procedure for transplant hair once side effects start to show themselves.  

  1. Unnatural hairline

One of the worst side effects of hair transplant is unnatural hairline produced due to underperformed surgery. Inexperienced surgeons offering cheap hair transplant are most likely unable to add to the hairline’s aesthetic to maintain the patient’s appearance. Unnatural hair appearance not only spoils the appearance but also impacts one’s confidence. To avoid the dreadful hair transplant side effects, you are advised to avoid cheap clinics and go for the best treatments available.

  1. Severe damage to the donor area

Another side effect of a hair transplant is the damage caused to the donor area, such as reduced blood circulation or oedema. Experienced surgeons can provide the best treatments without the patient worrying about such post-procedural issues.

  1. Extreme shedding

Hair shedding is one of the standard hair transplant side effects visible within the first 5-6 weeks, after the transplantation procedure. However, excessive shedding during this period or continued shedding 3-4 months after the surgery is an indication of a badly-conducted hair transplant.

The side effects of transplant hair make it evident that undergoing hair transplant under inexperienced surgeons can give rise to many problems. These problems may require you to endure pain or undergo other corrective procedures which would ultimately cost you much more than benefit your aesthetics. Suppose you want to avoid the side effects of transplant hair. In that case, you must keep in mind that even though the cost is a factor, the surgeon’s qualification, training, experience and the clinic/doctor’s history are the prime factors to be considered while choosing a hair transplant clinic.

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