What Are The Different Hair Loss Causes And How Can They Be Treated?

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Hair loss is one of the most dreading issues that both men and women bear in their daily life. Among all the other hair loss causes, some causes are temporary and straightforward, while others are more complex issues. Luckily with the advancement of medical technology, there are now several ways that can help to treat hair loss irrespective of gender. Mentioned below are some of the most prevalent hair fall causes and hair fall treatment options to resolve these issues.

Hair fall causes and treatment

  1. Misusing hair care products– One of the most prominent hair loss causes include using excessive chemical-based hair care products. Harsh hair colour, shampoos or using high heat on hair can cause massive damage to your hair. With all these damages, the hair becomes less resilient and will stop growing. So for cases like this, there is no specific hair fall treatment, but you have to pick your hair care products wisely.
  2. Eating disorders– Diet can also be one of the prominent hair loss causes that can create a significant impact on hair health for people of all ages. The deficiency of some of the essential nutrients mostly causes severe damage to the hair and its roots. Based on the type of food you take and lifestyle you follow, the hair roots might end up dying, leaving the scalp bald. There is no specific hair loss treatment that cannot cover up the balding areas until they choose to have a healthy diet or undergo a hair transplant procedure.
  3. Chemotherapy– Chemotherapy can also be one of the significant causes of hair fall that can also lead to temporary baldness. However, patients choose to use wigs or headscarves until the hair starts to grows back again. But some cancer patients after complete recovery might experience uneven hair growth owing to the death of partial hair roots. In that case, hair transplantation can prove very useful for them.
  4. Autoimmune disease– While hunting down the most common causes of hair fallit is also essential to note the type of baldness as that helps in identifying the underlying issues. Take for instance; if the hair fall starts very quickly and suddenly then it may indicate that you are suffering from autoimmune disease. In this disease, the body’s immune system is incorrectly polarized and attacks its cells resulting in a circular hair loss or a complete hair loss. In these circumstances, it is essential to seek professional help from an experienced hair surgeon.
  5. Stress– Stress can be one of the leading causes of hair fall as that impacts the body’s overall hormonal levels and can influence hair growth immensely. In some severe cases, stress can hugely impact the hair roots, and that may lead to balding. There are several hair fall treatments available that can treat hair thinning issues, but hair surgery is the only way to resolve baldness.
  6. Genetic Hair loss– Genetic hair loss is one of the main causes of hair fall, which has no direct remedy. In a condition like this, the hair root starts dying off and leaves bald patches on the scalp. There is no such particular hair fall treatment that can help people to get rid of this condition. However, some people may choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure which can provide the most natural appearing result.

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