What are the best methods to get a cost-effective hair transplant in Mumbai?

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Hair transplantation is one of the most popular cosmetic hair restoration processes. The bald resistant and healthy hair follicles are extracted from the scalp’s donor area and then meticulously implanted to the balding area at an appropriate angle so that the most natural appearance is accomplished. 

Usually, cosmetic surgeries are expensive and are mainly opted for by celebrities and high-profile patients only. But the reality is that currently, such treatment procedures are available at affordable costs, especially in India.

India has nowadays become a destination for hair transplant tourism even. Mumbai is well-known for quite a few experienced and reputed hair transplant surgeons; Dr Sagar Gundewar is one of the best among them. Despite the world-class techniques and latest procedures available here, the hair transplant procedure cost is kept within familiar people’s reach. 

People go through a well-researched phase of shortlisting and finalizing before going for hair transplant surgery. At this point, cost-effectiveness and affordability are also one of the prime aspects. Some of the significant factors that impact hair transplant surgery cost are:

  • The number of grafts needed.
  • Qualification and experience of the doctor
  • Gender of the patient
  • Facilities and reputation of the clinic
  • Availability of donor grafts

The hair transplant procedure in Mumbai is very cost-effective, mostly because of the tough competition among the large number of hair transplant clinics budding all around the city. The procedure’s exact cost is hard to estimate as that depends upon the earlier mentioned cost factors. However, for significant hair loss, transplant costs are usually higher as the surgeon will require a higher number of hair follicles to cover the balding area. Most of the hair clinics mostly follow the cost per graft model for cost estimation for the patients. Usually, a single hair graft would cost around 20-130 INR. This per graft cost is even higher in the developed countries. As a result, India is now one of the most popular destinations to undergo a hair transplant process.

Since the patients would require an estimation of the procedure’s cost, most of the clinic asks them to fill up a form. As per the data analysis of this form, based on the requirement of hair grafts and baldness degree, the clinic provides a cost estimation to the patient which often looks like the following-

  • For Grade 2 & 3 baldness with a requirement of 2500-3000 hair grafts, the cost would be 60000 – 150000 INR.
  • For Grade 4 baldness with a requirement of 3000-4000 hair grafts, the cost would be 120000 – 220000 INR.
  • For Grade 5 level of baldness and 3500-4500 grafts needed, the cost would be in the range of 150000-250000 INR.
  • For grades 6 & 7 needing more than 4500 hair grafts, the cost would be 180000-280000 INR.

However, this price may significantly vary from clinic to clinic and city to city. So before deciding to undergo a hair transplant procedure, confirm the final amount required for the procedure from your surgeon at the first consultation because the complete assessment of scalp and other essential factors are done at this consultation session.

Tips to get a cost-effective hair transplant in Mumbai

The ways to get a cost-effective hair transplant in Mumbai are:

  1. Select the clinic with the best facilities: Choosing the right hair transplant clinic is a crucial decision. The clinic that provides the most qualified and well-experienced surgeons, latest technologies, well-equipped OT’s, and efficient staff should be the most preferred because these factors ensure the procedure’s success rate and enhance the comfort level the patient. One might find cheaper hair transplant clinics, but lack of expert surgeons and facilities may cause a fall to the cost-effectiveness.
  2. Select the surgeon, you can trust: The surgeon’s qualifications and experience must also be considered on a priority basis. These two factors can never be overlooked to get cheaper treatment. That’s because a cheaper treatment may in turn cost even more money due to partial hair transplant, poor outcomes or need for hair transplant repairs.

Why Choose Us?

Artius Clinic provides the best quality of treatments with its team of experienced surgeons and efficient staff. Since it is a non-profit medical clinic, Artius Clinic is the best destination for cost-effective hair transplant. Procedures here maintain minimum graft wastage, graft count and minimum out-of-body duration; all this ensures a higher success rate at affordable hair transplant cost. The ultra-hygienic operation theatres enable experienced surgeons to perform effective and successful transplant procedures. The patients here are also provided with experienced counsellors to guide and help them throughout treatment and post-surgery.

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