Traditional vs Modern Technique In Hair Transplant

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Our world has gone through some tremendous changes in the past few decades. Some of these changes have been good and some of these changes have been bad. And there are still a lot of debates which are going on to consider whether most of the changes were good or bad. However, the one thing which we all can agree on when it comes to these changes is that all these good or bad changes have been caused due to science and technology.

Science and technology have not just been successful in changing the world around us but they have also successfully changed how people even think! This goes to show the kind of power which science and technology wield these days. And in our article today, we will be discussing exactly the kind of effect which the power of science and technology has had on medical treatment facilities. Our focus shall be specifically on modern hair transplant techniques.

The Impacts of Science and Technology on the Field of Medicine:-

A trend has been observed during the past few years. And this trend mainly consists of people living longer and the number of people dying every year decreasing substantially in almost all countries of the world. This simply goes to show that the fields of medical science and technology have advanced a lot. This advancement has been so good for all of us that it has enabled us to successfully prevent many devastating health conditions from occurring and to further treat those medical conditions which were considered to be untreatable earlier.

And thankfully, this medical advancement has also touched the field of cosmetic treatments. This has enabled individuals to alter the way that they naturally look so that they can attain their desired beauty standards. This also means that individuals who have lost their hairs can get them back.

How Have Traditional Hair Transplant Techniques Changed?

There are many things which science and technology have done to the traditional hair transplant techniques. These improvements which have been made have provided us with modern hair transplant techniques which are safer and more reliable to conduct. These improvements are discussed in greater detail below.

  • Earlier, there were not a lot of different procedures that could help in conducting a hair transplant surgery according to the specific needs of the patient. Now, there are primarily two types of hair transplants. These types of hair transplants are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). Both of these procedures consist of different steps and techniques. These types of hair transplants are also suited to different patients or individual conditions. However, no matter the procedure that is selected, the individual ends up with a head full of hair. This improves the overall look and confidence levels of an individual
  • The modern hair transplant procedures have also improved considerably in terms of the final result or look which they are able to provide to the individual who has gone through this cosmetic treatment method. This basically means that the hair transplant procedures performed today are more effective and result-oriented. This has allowed individuals to get a natural-looking head of hairs which are also dense, undetectable, and are also able to grow for a lifetime without any kind of side effect. This is certainly one of the most important improvements which have been made from the hair transplants which were performed traditionally
  • Thankfully, the growth of science and technology seems to be never-ending. This has allowed for further advancements to be made when it comes to modern hair transplant procedures. There are still many new and promising methodologies and equipment that are entering the market that claims to further enhance the final results and effectiveness of the hair transplant procedures. This might not seem like a big deal now since there are different studies which still needs to take place but this actually shows a lot of promising potential for the further improvement of the already modern and sophisticated hair transplant techniques in the near future
  • Safety was one of the prime concerns of the hair transplant techniques which existed traditionally. However, safety is not a concern anymore as the improved techniques and medical technologies have been built by keeping the safety of all patients in mind. This has provided extra comfort to individuals who wish to get a hair transplant done but was earlier afraid for their safety while getting the hair transplant surgery done
  • The risk of scarring has also reduced tremendously. Earlier, the hair transplant method was accompanied by a substantial amount of scarring. This obviously does not look pleasant and can hamper the natural look of the hair transplant. But the new treatment methods have reduced the extent of scarring tremendously. On top of that, even if the scarring does occur then it can easily be hidden since it is already so small in size
  • Hair transplant procedures used to be rather time-consuming traditionally. This used to cause a substantial amount of damage to the donor area tissues. However, these days’ hair transplants are conducted at a faster rate. This results in almost no harm done to the donor area. This is also one of the most significant improvements which have been made when it comes to hair transplant procedures

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