Top Reason To Choose Hair Transplant Surgery

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Are you tired of trying all possible remedies to stop hair loss? Well, Hair loss is one of the worst issues that most people try to avoid.  

Hair transplant surgery is one of the most effective treatments for hair loss, even though it is an expensive one. But the investment is worth it when the patients receive the best result that enhances their character. Everyone hates losing hair as that not only affects their appearance, but it also impedes their confidence. But undergoing a hair transplant procedure can help them to get rid of this situation.

There is two most common hair restoration procedures-Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant. But currently, FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is the most preferred and leading hair restoration procedures in the market today because of the following reasons-

  • It is a minimally invasive procedure and includes no incisions and sutures.
  • Least discomfort is associated with this procedure.
  • Involves a minimum downtime, and the patients can resume their daily activities just within few days after undergoing the procedure.
  • The achieved result gives a natural appearance and leaves behind no scar.

Reasons to choose FUE Hair Transplant surgery:-

  • Minimally invasive procedure– A FUE hair transplant surgery involves extracting individual hair grafts or follicular units from either the back and sides of the scalp. The hair follicles are very carefully implanted to the balding area with the help of the same device with which it was extracted. The procedure involves no stitches and no incisions just tiny little marks of hair extraction that will fade over time. The best part of undergoing this procedure is it is a minimally invasive procedure that includes very little recovery time.
  • Faster recovery time- Even though you are scared of the word “surgery”, but there is nothing to be scared of because FUE is the least invasive surgical hair restoration procedure. The procedure involves using all the latest technologies that have made the hair restoration procedure even more accessible and pain-free. The FUE hair transplant surgery includes minimum recovery time as the main aim of undergoing any hair restoration procedure is to make it appear natural. Most of the patients, after undergoing this procedure, can resume their daily activities within two days. However, the treated area will need some time to heal completely. Most of the patients feel numb in the field of treatment, which improves gradually, and the tiny puncture marks disappear progressively.
  • Natural appearing hairline – The hair restoration procedure usually provides the most natural appearance. However, people undergoing a FUT hair transplant procedure will mostly find a linear scar at the back of their scalp from where the hair strip has been extracted. Now scar will be visible unless you get a hairstyle that can cover it up. But with the FUE hair plantation procedure, you will be able to restore your receding hairline so that you get a natural appearance. Any experienced hair restoration technician knows the best ways to recreate a natural-appearing hairline.
  • One time investment- Any hair plantation procedure is expensive in comparison to any other hair treatments, but this is worth the investment. An FUE hair transplant procedure is one of the best and most effective hairs restoration procedures as it provides an entirely natural result and involves the least downtime. The results obtained from a hair restoration procedure may not be instant, but the results are permanent and long-lasting.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Best team- The Artius is one of the best hair restoration clinics in Mumbai that consists of highly trained doctors, staffs and assistants who are motivated in delivering the best treatment procedures. This medical equipment and facilities available in this hair clinic guarantee absolute safety when conducting a surgical procedure.
  2. Quality assurance- Artius believes in quality over quantity. The hair clinic selects the best doctors and staff to be a part of the surgical team. So there is no doubt that the clinic will always provide the best possible hair restoration procedure.
  3. Natural appearance– The best hair transplant treatment is the one that provides natural results at the most budget-friendly rate. The specialists of the clinic help the patients to restore a natural hairline which is the most desirable factor of undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

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