Top 10 Side Effects Of Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant is an increasingly common option for people who are suffering from extreme hair thinning issues and receding hairline. Several people around the world are opting for a hair restoration procedure to regain their confidence and hair to their bald patches. Since this hair restoration is a surgical procedure, so there is always a chance for some side effects to occur. Before deciding to undergo such a surgical hair procedure, it is still desired to consult with a hair specialist who can explain about all the potential side effects that might appear after undergoing the procedure.

Both FUE and FUT involves the most common hair transplant side effects, among which some are temporary, and some effect lasts for a more extended time. Following mentioned are some of the most common side effects that are related to the procedure-

  1. Hair shedding- One of the most popular hair transplant side effects include hair shedding or hair thinning. Immediately after undergoing a hair transplant procedure, within the first few weeks, people may find that the newly transplanted hair starts to fall off, which is known as shock loss. But this is a temporary side effect, and the transplanted hair will generally grow back within the next few months of undergoing the procedure.
  2. Bleeding- Another standard hair transplant side effect includes bleeding both at the donor and the recipient area. This occurs because it is a surgical procedure and involves some amount of cuts and nicks that might result in blood loss. The most experienced hair surgeon might be able to minimize such conditions. In case some blood still oozes out of the treated area, bandages and some medications will work.
  3. Infections- Infections in the area of treatment is one of the rarest hair transplant side effects that may occur due to poor hygiene. But if you have selected an experienced hair surgeon, then there are chances that you might not have to face any of these situations. However, in case of infections, the surgeon prescribes antibiotics to help alleviate the condition.
  4. Pain– Since both FUE and FUT is a surgical procedure, so it is evident that the method will include some amount of pain as side effects after hair transplant. However, cosmetic surgeons generally prescribe some pain killers to avoid any pain during the recovery period.
  5. Itching– Another very common hair plantation side effects include itching that might occur in the treatment areas only. The formation of scabs at the treatment site causes itching, and the easiest way to tackle this condition is by keeping the area clean by using the medicated products that are prescribed by the surgeon.
  6. Swelling– After a few days of undergoing the hair transplantation procedure, most of the patients experience some amount of swelling in their forehead and the area around the eyes. Now this one of the most common hair plantation side effects that last for a few days and gradually disappears with time.
  7. Numbness- Numbness is one of the most common hair plantation side effects that might last for several weeks after undergoing surgery. This is a temporary condition that might occur in case of any mild nerve damage. 
  8. Scarring- This is another very common hair restoration side effects that occur to people who have undergone a FUT procedure. A FUT procedure generally involves a linear scar, but an experienced hair surgeon can intelligently plan the hairline to conceal the scar easily. 

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