Top 10 legends that might unnerve you from a hair transplant

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Hair transplant has become quite common around the world. People going through hair loss or are bald can go for this treatment to improve their appearance. You might be thinking of going forward with this treatment. But thanks to technological advancements, several myths are going around the internet that might confuse or discourage you. So let’s see these hair transplant myths and facts associated with them.

Here are some hair transplant facts and myths that will set the records straight:

  • Myth: Hair transplant is not suitable for older people.

    Fact: It is one of the most common hair transplant myths, but it is highly inaccurate. Although there is an ideal age range of 25 to 65 for the hair transplant procedure, anyone can have it over 18. It is not recommended to people over 65 in some instances because it might result in complications. But if you are over 65, have had a thorough consultation with the doctor, and have been deemed eligible, you can have this procedure. Doctors consider 25 as the ideal age because the hair loss before that age can often be temporary.
  • Myth: Hair transplant is only suitable for men.

    Fact: Women not being suitable for this treatment is another frequent myth. But it is an outright lie. The truth is that women are as much prone to hair loss as men, if not more. So they can also opt for a hair transplant. In fact, its popularity is increasing multi folds by the day. Thanks to the latest technology, the added advantage to women are that they don’t have to shave their heads for the treatment. Also, the results of this treatment in women are just as natural in appearance as men.
  • Myth: You will need drug or medication assistance after the hair transplant procedure.

    Facts: It is one of the most inaccurate facts about hair transplants around. You don’t require the assistance of any medication in the recovery process of this treatment. In addition, the treatment is quite efficient because the surgeon only uses the most potent and rich hair follicles for the transplant. As a result, the hair will grow permanently and naturally.
  • Myth: Anyone is eligible to undergo a hair transplant.

    Fact: ‘Anyone and everyone can undergo a hair transplant’ is just a myth. The doctor will have a consultation with you about several factors, including age, overall health, prior or ongoing illnesses, your expectations from the treatment, etc. Also, since getting a hair transplant is an expensive affair, you might wanna have a guarantee about the success rate. Finally, the surgeon will perform a physical check-up to analyse the possibility of complications down the line. So, not everyone will be eligible for it.
  • Myth: A hair transplant can result in brain damage.

    Fact: This myth could not be more laughable. A hair transplant is a treatment that is performed on the top of your skin. In the case of FUT, the incisions taken after the extraction of a hair follicle containing a sliver of skin is also just on your skin. They do not come close to your brain, let alone coming in contact.
  • Myth: Transplanted hair looks unnatural.

    Fact: We live in the age of technology, which has helped develop the best techniques and technologies for hair transplantation. Numerous researches have been conducted over the recent years to identify and develop the transplantation techniques that will provide you with the most natural-looking hair. According to these researches, FUE and DHI are two of the most effective methods for it. However, the success of the treatment will depend a lot upon the surgeon and his team who are performing the treatment. They should be knowledgeable enough to customise the extraction and implantation depending upon the patient’s hairline.
  • Myth: Hair transplantation procedures are very painful.

    Fact: In methods like DHI, the surgeon administers anaesthesia before the treatment to ensure painless treatment. With the help of improved treatment methods and the latest technologies, doctors ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort.
  • Myth: The results can be seen immediately.

    Fact: It is one of the most commonly heard hair transplant myths. You should know that the transplanted hair follicles will fall out in about three weeks to a month. But you shouldn’t be worried. In 3 to 4 months, you will see the initial signs of hair growth, and the complete results will only be seen after nine months to a year.
  • Myth: Implantation of more grafts will ensure higher success.

    Fact: The surgeon will determine how many grafts are required for your treatment depending upon the extent of your baldness. But more follicles or grafts do not mean that the treatment will be more efficient.
  • Myth: Hair transplant treatment is quite costly.

    Fact: India is considered to be one of the most cost-effective cosmetic procedures around the world. But it depends upon the extent of your baldness and the type of technique that has been recommended.

These are just a few common hair transplant facts and myths. If you are looking for more information about hair transplants, you might want to consult with the experts at Artius. Schedule an appointment today to consult with our experts.

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