Tips For A Speedy Recovery After Nose Surgery

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The nose reshaping procedure known as rhinoplasty has become extremely popular. It has any cosmetic and medical benefits such as an improved appearance, easier breathing, and improved sleep.

It is common to have a little swelling after the nose surgery. It usually subsides after two to three weeks of surgery. 

Here are a few nose job recovery tips which can help you with a speedy recovery after nose surgery:

Use of cold compress: The doctor advises the application of a cold compress like an ice-pack or a bag of frozen peas in the eyes and cheek area for the first three days after the surgery. The cold compress causes the constriction of the blood vessels and reduces the swelling. The lesser the swelling, the faster will the nose heal resulting in quick recovering from nose surgery.

Avoiding anti-inflammatory medications: Pain medications taken after the procedure should be taken strictly as prescribed by the doctor. Anti-inflammatory medications may reduce your pain, but they cause dilation of the blood vessels causing increased bleeding and swelling, and an increase in healing time and an increase in the recovery time of nose job.

Light exercise: While vigorous exercises should be strictly avoided, light exercises like walking are advised post-surgery to increase circulation and fluid movement in the body helping in a speedy nose job surgery recovery.

Nutritious diet: Any surgical procedure should be followed up by intake of a well-balanced, nutritious diet to ensure a speedy recovery after nose surgery.

Limiting salt intake: Excessive salt intake causes an increase in fluid retention leading to increased swelling. A low sodium diet is recommended for two weeks after the surgery. Fruits, vegetables, protein-rich food, and high-fibre food is recommended during this period as one of the nose job recovery tips.

Avoid strenuous activities for six weeks post-surgery: Strenuous exercises put extra stress on the body and also increase the chance of an injury to the nose causing a delay in recovering from nose surgery.

Take rest for at least two weeks post-surgery: It is recommended to take two weeks off from work post a nose surgery. Any leniency may lead to a prolonged rhinoplasty surgery recovery time.

Follow all the post-operative instructions: All the instructions given by the surgery should be followed well. Ignoring any instructions can cause a delay in the nose job surgery recovery process.

Avoiding spicy food: Any irritation to the nose or the nasal passages in the first three works post-surgery can cause complications and increase the recovery time of nose job surgery. Spicy food may irritate the sinuses and increase swelling. Hence, it is best to avoid spicy food for at least three weeks post your nose surgery.

Avoid wearing glasses: Glasses may cause bruises, swelling, and indentation on the nose causing a delay in recovering from nose surgery. One can start wearing glasses only after the doctor gives a green signal for the same.

Avoid blowing your nose: One may experience nasal congestion following nose surgery due to swollen nasal tissues. One should avoid blowing their nose for at least six weeks post-surgery and instead use saline nasal drops recommended by the doctor if there is too much congestion. One should also try sneezing from the mouth rather than the nose to avoid prolonged nose job surgery recovery.

Avoid smoking: Smoking should be avoided before and after the surgery, as it may affect blood flow in the body causing delayed nose job surgery recovery.

Follow-up appointments: Even if you feel that you have recovered quickly and are feeling well it is important to not miss any follow-up appointments. The doctor will check how well you are recovering from nose surgery, and any problem may be spotted and solved at an early stage itself.

The above nose job recovery tips help in a quick and pain-free recovery after nose surgery. Although complete recovery after rhinoplasty takes about a year, these nose job recovery tips certainly help to hasten the process.

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