Things To Know About Gynecomastia Surgery

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Gynecomastia can be defined as a medical condition in which a man is suffering from breasts that are larger and saggy in size than normal. In most cases, this medical condition does not pose any health or medical risk. In other cases, gynecomastia could act as a symptom for other medical conditions which could pose a medical risk. There can be many possible causes of why an individual might suffer from gynecomastia. But the primary cause lies within the hormonal imbalance which is caused due to the abnormal levels of estrogen and testosterone. It is important to remember that gynecomastia could affect one or both breasts of an individual. There are many other factors that one should know about gynecomastia surgery. In this article, we are going to explore all the different aspects of male breast reduction surgery.

The Possible Risk Factors of Gynecomastia

There are certain factors that can have an effect on the risk of gynecomastia for an individual. And some of those factors are mentioned below.

  • Abnormal changes in the levels of testosterone in both post-puberty and adolescent males
  • The estrogen transmission which takes place from a mother to her baby during the pregnancy term
  • Different medical conditions of liver, kidney, obesity, and diabetes can also increase the chances of a man boobs surgery
  • The consumption of various harmful and addictive substances like cannabis, alcohol, and heroin can increase the risks post gynecomastia surgery and even before it
  • The genetic factor also plays an important role. If this condition is also present in other members of the family then the chances of this condition also increase
  • Exposure to external estrogen

If an individual is suffering from gynecomastia then, it is important for him to stay rather aware of these possible risk factors. Hence, one should also frequently get this condition checked. When this condition begins to develop, one also begins to develop pain and tenderness in the breasts. Apart from that, the areola of the breasts also starts to get bigger and liquid might also come out the areola. It is also vital to remember that one might still need to get a man boobs surgery even if these risk factors are absent.

How a Diagnosis is made for Gynecomastia?

One of the first questions one often has when he is suffering from gynecomastia is about the gynecomastia surgery price. But once that question has been answered then, the next main concern of an individual is often regarding the diagnosis of gynecomastia. According to most medical experts, a breast examination is usually sufficient for diagnosing whether an individual is suffering from gynecomastia or not. Though, the examination can be somewhat more extensive for some people.

The medical expert might also choose to examine the penis and testes of the man. Once the data from those tests are obtained then, further decisions regarding other medical tests that might be required can also be made. Some of those other medical tests are mentioned below.

  • Different imagining tests can be conducted like an MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound to test the presence of any type of mass that might be present in the liver, pituitary, or the testes
  • To determine any abnormalities in the hormonal level a blood test might also be conducted
  • A biopsy might also be performed to test the abnormal mass which could have been detected during the imagining tests

When is the Gynecomastia Surgery Performed?

Apart from knowing about the man boob surgery cost, it is also important for an individual to know about the general procedure which is followed to perform gynecomastia surgical procedure. The first thing which one needs to know is that apart from surgery, there are other treatment methods used for treating gynecomastia. However, before anything else, the general condition of the medical disease is examined. The doctor begins by trying out various hormonal therapies to eliminate any abnormalities which might exist in the hormonal levels.

If this hormonal therapy fails then, one needs to rely on surgical intervention. This is also when the individual should also learn about the gynecomastia treatment cost. In general terms, it can be said that the main aim of this surgery is to remove the extra breast tissues and to move the position of the breasts up. This provides a smooth solution to the condition of gynecomastia. Surgical procedures can also vary depending on the exact conditions of the breasts. Liposuction can be used or other incisions can be made.

The Steps of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Apart from knowing about the gynecomastia treatment cost, one should also learn about the various steps of a gynecomastia surgical procedure. Those steps are mentioned below.

  • The Consultation

This is the first step which is basically performed to ensure that the patient can understand more things about the surgical process. And it also allows the medical expert to determine which exact steps need to be followed. The patient can also ask about the gynecomastia surgery cost during the consultation.

  • Providing Anesthesia

This is where the medical expert performs the cosmetic surgical procedure. During this step, the medical expert determines whether it would be best to provide local anesthesia or general anesthesia to the patient.

  • Making Incisions

There are two major ways in which a gynecomastia surgical procedure can be performed. Those two major ways include the options of either incisions or liposuction. If the tissues have to be removed with the help of incisions then the medical expert carefully plans where he or she has to make the incisions so that they are as concealed as possible.

  • The General Surgical Operation

During the step, the medical expert places empty tubes in the incisions which were made during the previous step. After that, the extra fat is melted so that they can be sucked into the tubes.

  • Closing the Incisions

Once the operation is complete then, the medical expert proceeds to close off all the incisions with sutures.

  • The Gynecomastia After Surgery Care

The gynecomastia after surgery care plays an important role in the recovery time it takes for an individual to finally get back on his or her feet. This aftercare begins when the doctor examines the sutures which were made. Bandages are applied to those locations. And to further enhance the healing process, the patient is asked to wear a compression dress which covers the upper part of the body.

The Total Time for Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery

A gynecomastia surgical procedure comes with its own set of risks and complications. It is important for an individual to know about those risks before deciding whether he or she wants to go through this surgery or not. On average, the recovery period is usually around 4 weeks. However, individuals can differ in terms of their health and that can influence the recovery period. It is advised that one should take things slow after the surgery and should not indulge in any type of heavy work. Some pain can also be experienced and one can take painkillers prescribed by the doctor to manage the pain.

The Surgical Scars Experienced During Gynecomastia Surgery

As it was mentioned above, there are various processes that can be used for performing gynecomastia surgery. This means that the sizes and locations of the scars and incisions can vary depending on the process which was used for the surgery. Though, it might not always be easy to hide these scars. However, the more experience a doctor has, the fewer the chances of any severe or open scar. So, it is important to hire an experienced doctor for this surgical procedure.

The Total Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

The average gynecomastia surgery cost can actually depend on a number of factors. Some of those factors include the type of medical expert which one has selected, the clinic that one has chosen, the city where one wishes to get the gynecomastia surgery done, the type of anesthesia which is administered, the exact process used for performing gynecomastia treatment, and many other factors. Hence, it is best for an individual to directly contact a medical expert or clinic to learn about the exact price of the surgery.

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