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About Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Balraj Dutt is the most colourful actor in Bollywood. His life is like a roller coaster ride. He was born on 29th July 1959. He is the only male child to his father, Sunil Dutt and Nargis. Both Sunil Dutt and Nargis were veteran actors of their time.

Sanjay Dutt completed his education from the Lawrence school, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh. He excelled in school studies, but he was severely addicted to drugs during his high school years. He further went to a drug rehabilitation centre to get rid of his drug addiction. He also modified his name from sunjay to Sanjay to give a fresh start to his drug-free life.

After becoming drug-free, his Bollywood career aced like a rocket, he given back to back hit films. Some of the notable films which got him many awards are Rocky, Saajan, Vaastav, Mission Kashmir, Munnabhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, etc. His status and glamour brought him a good fortune, but many fewer people know this, that Sanjay Dutt has suffered from hair loss. Though he loved his hair very much and had also tried different styles. In the 90’s people used to copy Sanjay Dutt hairstyles a lot. When his acting career was thriving, his hairs were declining. To get rid of the male pattern baldness, he went through hair transplant surgeries. His bulky and shiny hair today is the result of the successful operation that he did long back ago. Because of that Sanjay Dutt’s hairstyle of mohawk got very appreciated and copied by many.

Sanjay Dutt Hair Transplant – Fact or Rumor

At the point when you are in the glamorous industry, look, figure and appearance is the thing that gets you money. With always booming technologies, there is a solution to everything. For instance, hair transplantation is one such innovation that has perhaps saved the acting career for some out there. In view of this, this article is about Sanjay Dutt hair transplant.

In movies, what we see is black, silky, texture type and long hair. If we keep thinking about how beautiful is his/her hair? And how is he/she ready to keep up that gorgeous hair? The one thing that you will hear from many of the celebs is a “Hair Transplant”.

Due to Hair loss experience every now and then, Sanjay Dutt hair loss was happening frequently.  Furthermore, the Film Industry is such a place that your look decides your career and fame. In the first place, Directors and Producers don’t need bare entertainer in the hero’s role. Going bald gives you an older look. This is the reason hair transplantation has developed popularity, and the market demands are increasing quickly. Mumbai is the base camp for Bollywood, and there is an immense request for hair transplant. Sanjay Dutt, after suffering hair problem, also experienced a different kind of process to produce hair after he willingly became bald for the film ‘Agneepath’. In this movie only everyone get to know about Sanjay Dutt’s hair transplant. With demands and supply developing, the hair transplant and Bollywood celebs including Sanjay Dutt are heading to a hair transplant clinic to retain their shiny and glossy hair. So what happens in hair transplantation?
Some pictures of Sanjay Dutt’s hair loss are shown below, have a look:-

Hair Transplantation

Sanjay Dutt’s hair loss made him to choose for hair transplant, now we will know what exactly is hair transplant.
Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure to transplant the hair from one place of the scalp to the bare spots where the hair is less or none. When thinning of the hair starts, hair follicles which incorporate roots and hair shafts are extracted from regions on the head where hair development is excellent and planted on the areas where the hair growth is less. In men, ordinarily the thinning up of hair starts on the hairline, on the crown. To transplant hair on these bare spots, the hair follicles are extracted from the backside or the side blocks of the head. There are numerous types of hair transplant procedures in the market. Here are some:

1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Enthusiastically suggested, and broadly used hair transplant procedure is FUE Hair Transplant. In FUE, individual follicular units with 1 to 4 hairs are extracted at once. The FUE process takes additional time and precision. This procedure takes 2-3 hours to remove 200 hair grafts.

2. FUT (Follicular unit transplant)

A whole strip of hair follicles is removed from the giver area, where hair fall is less, and hair development is still thick. Hair unions are extracted, and the strip union of follicular unit grafts are set into small incisions in the bare areas on the patient’s scalp.

3. DHI(Direct hair transplant)

Costly and exceptionally powerful. In Direct Hair Transplant, the hair follicles are removed from the benefactor area one after one using an extremely fine extractor with a distance across of 1mm or less. The hair follicles are then put using a single-use implanter legitimately on the treatment area. No stitches, no agony, no scarring and this gives 100 % characteristic results in this hair transplant, and Bollywood celebs favour this the most.

Artius do not claim that we have performed any hair transplant for this actor, nor do we claim they have undergone a hair transplant.

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