Reducing Hair Loss In Men

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Did you know that everyone loses about 100 hair strands per day? Thus, hair loss has become one of the significant conditions that affect almost one-third of the population. In men, several contributing factors trigger baldness, hormonal changes, medical conditions and many more. Though mostly seen in men, hair loss can affect women as well, but the process can vary for each individual. For instance, some people might experience gradual hair loss, but there can be a sudden loss of hair, leading to scalp patches for others. 

It is only natural for a few follicles to fall off over time. Your diet, mineral deficiencies, medicines, stress, genetics and pollution are various causes of hair loss. In men, frequent use of caps, hats or helmets can lead to hair loss. 

We have made a list of twenty probable tips that can help reduce hair loss-

  • Use Mild Shampoo

Regular hair wash is vital to keep your scalp and hair clean. It also helps in preventing hair loss. In addition, hair wash reduces the risk of dandruff and other infections that could make the hair brittle and prone to breakage. Clean hair also improves the volume of hair.

  • Vitamins

Vitamins improve your overall health, but they benefit your hair significantly. Here’s how different vitamins affect your hair health-

Vitamin A- Improves the production of sebum in the scalp.

Vitamin B- Maintains the hair colour.

Vitamin E- Encourages blood circulation to the scalp that enriches the hair follicles and makes them productive. 

  • Include Proteins In Diet

You can see significant improvement in the health of your hair by including proteins like lean meat, fish and soy in your diet. 

  • Massage With Essential Oils

Suppose you have already started losing hair. What can you do? You can massage your scalp with essential oils (like lavender in almond/sesame oil) for a couple of minutes daily. It rejuvenates the hair follicles. 

  • Do Not Brush Wet Hair

Wet hair is weak hair. Therefore, you increase the risks of hair loss by brushing them while wet. However, if you still want to brush your hair while wet, try to use a wide-toothed brush. You should avoid frequent combing of hair because it can make hair lose and injure them. Instead, use fingers to untangle the hair. 

  • Garlic/Ginger/Onion Juice

You can rub one of the mentioned juices on the scalp and allow it to stay for the night. Then, wash the hair neatly in the morning. You can see viable results by doing this regularly for a week.

  • Drink Water

Your hair shaft is one quarter made of water. At least four-eight cups of water daily are needed to keep it from going dry. A hydrated scalp will promote hair growth. 

  • Green Tea Trick

Some studies claim that green tea helps stop hair loss. Start by brewing two bags of green tea in a cup of water. Let it cool completely, and then rub it on your hair. Wait for an hour before washing the hair. A week to ten days of doing this can yield some noticeable results. 

  • Figure Out What Is Bad For Your Hair

If you want to maintain anything, you have to know how to care for it. The same applies to your hair. Do not dry your hair with a towel; instead, let it dry naturally. 

  • No Alcohol

If you are already experiencing hair loss, then it would be helpful if you reduce your alcohol intake. The reason is that alcohol reduces hair growth. Therefore, try to drink as little as possible or avoid it altogether.

  • No Smoking

Smoking reduces the blood flow to the scalp. Reduced blood flow means reduced hair growth. Thus, to avoid it, try to quit smoking.

  • Exercise

Try to do physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day. For example, by walking or swimming, you maintain the balance of your hormones, reduce stress, and avoid hair loss.

  • Get Rid Of Stress

Studies have shown a link between stress and hair loss. So you should try to reduce stress. One good way of doing that is by practising meditation. Alternative techniques like yoga help reduce stress and maintain hormone levels. So practising yoga can benefit both your hair and overall health.

  • Avoid Heat And Drying

Constant heating and drying hair can damage them. Heat also causes the loss of hair protein. Therefore, continuous use of heat can make hair weak and prone to hair loss. Instead, let your hair dry naturally and do not apply much heat. 

  • Try To Keep Your Head Sweat-Free

Men who have oily hair are subject to dandruff in summer because of all the sweat. It increases your risk of baldness. Shampoos that have ingredients like aloe vera and neem can keep your scalp cool and free of dandruff. Wearing a helmet also leads to hair loss during summer. The reason is the sweat that fills up the pores and weakens hair follicles in men. Instead, you can wear a bandana or scarf underneath the helmet to avoid sweat from accumulating in the hair pores. 

  • Change The Way Of Styling (Men with long hair)

If you notice your hair falling out, you should try and keep it loose. When you do a hairstyle like putting the hair in a pony or braids or adopt any artificial styles, they tug on your hair roots. The tugging can cause hair follicles to loosen and end up resulting in hair loss. 

  • Stay Healthy

Of the several, one of the main reasons for hair loss is various health issues. Chronic illnesses should be dealt with urgently. High fever and infections, if left untreated, can cause severe hair loss. 

  • No Chemicals

Hair health can be easily affected by harsh chemical products or permanent hair dyes. Thus, if someone is suffering from hair loss, it is suggested to avoid colouring them. Also, try to use chemical-free products for your hair to keep them healthy.

  • Regular Check-Ups

Several health conditions and especially skin-related conditions, cause an imbalance of hormones. It ultimately turns into hair loss, so if you suspect anything or have a condition make sure to visit your doctor regularly and take proper treatment. 

There are also other methods that can benefit you while dealing with hair loss and promote new hair growth. For starters, there is biotin (Vitamin H). It is one of the B complex vitamins that convert food into energy. According to some research, biotin-rich foods like nuts, sweet potatoes, eggs, onion and oats can slow the process of hair loss. You can also opt for Biotin supplements.  

Another alternative is to try methods like homoeopathy for hair fall. It is an effective treatment for hair loss and has no side effects. Moreover, it can improve hair health and prevent further loss. Thus, homoeopathic medication can turn out to be a miracle for some individuals. 

As mentioned earlier, green tea is also an effective solution. It contains polyphenolic compounds that prevent hair fall. Therefore, when you consume green tea, it not only aids in weight loss it also helps reduce the risk of hair loss. 

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