Recovery And Result To Expect After Gynecomastia Surgery

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What Do We Understand By Gynecomastia?

 Gynecomastia is a condition that makes breast tissues swell or overdeveloped in men. This condition can be the result of hormonal changes. In severe cases of Gynecomastia, the weight of excess breast tissue may lead to breast sagging. Gynecomastia is a common condition in men and boys. About fifty to sixty per cent of the adolescent males are affected by Gynecomastia.

 What Is The Procedure Of Gynecomastia?

 Gynecomastia surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The procedure usually takes a few hours to complete. This procedure is the best treatment because of its benefits and effectiveness. There are various types of techniques  used for gynecomastia surgery:

LIPOSUCTION: It is a suction technique or cosmetic procedure performed by a surgeon to remove the fat from the areas like abdomen, chest, arms, neck, chin etc. lipoplasty and body contouring are the other names for the liposuction technique

MASTECTOMY: It is a surgical procedure in which the breast tissues are removed.

EXCISION: In this procedure, the fat tissues are removed from the breast.

FAT CELL FREEZING OR LASERS these are nonsurgical treatments that may work on the patients.

What Are The Causes Of Gynecomastia?

 The underlying conditions which are responsible for the cause of Gynecomastia are:




HORMONAL IMBALANCE(estrogen and testosterone)

Test which  prescribed for the diagnosis of Gynecomastia are:

Blood test

Urine test


A biopsy( small breast tissue sample).

Gynecomastia Postoperative Recovery Time:  Most of the cases of Gynecomastia, the recovery resolves over time without undergoing any treatment. This surgery has a gentle recovery period. Gynecomastia recovery time varies from individual to individual according to their strength. During this time, patients must avoid strenuous activity to facilitate healing. There are various recovery types of equipment and medicines are prescribed after the GYNECOMASTIA surgery.

The doctor does cleaning and dressing of the surgical area. The doctor applies bandages to avoid infection. Support garments are used to reduce swelling and to support the chest contour for healing after the surgery.

A thin, small tube-like structure is placed under the skin of the chest to remove or drain the excess fluid that may cause infection at the surgical site.

The doctor prescribes several medicines during postoperative gynecomastia surgery. Oral medications are advised by the doctor for the healing process and also to reduce the chances of infection at the surgically treated area.

During the recovery period of the Gynecomastia surgery, the patient should know about what medication is going to be prescribed to avoid the allergic reaction.

During post-operative recovery time of Gynecomastia, the patient should avoid taking drugs or any other medicines that bring changes to the testosterone level( hormonal changes).

Recovery period of Gynecomastia At Home: During the recovery period of Gynecomastia, patients may experience shortness of breath, uneven heartbeat, Chest pain etc. in such a situation consult your doctor immediately. During the recovery period, no pressure must be applied to the surgical incision to avoid the complications, and Post-surgical swelling should not be present at the surgical site. If any of the above symptoms appear during the recovery period at home, you may require hospitalization.

Result: The result or the prognosis of the Gynecomastia surgery is excellent. The work is permanent as long as the patient maintains the proper care or takes the precautions advised by the doctor after surgery. The result of the Gynecomastia surgery is visible immediately. After a few days of the surgery, the incision lines will fade, and swelling will be resolved. Although the final result of your surgery takes two to three months after the surgical procedure will be done.

Scars Of The Gynecomastia Surgery: In Gynecomastia, an incision will be given or placed under the natural contours. These incisions will be visible, which may bother some of the patients. That is why, for the better result, doctors may perform other surgeries too after Gynecomastia, as it is not possible to achieve the optimal result with just one surgery. So breast repositioning or tightening of the skin will be done after the Gynecomastia surgery.

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