Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Hair Transplant?

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If you’re planning to have hair transplant in Mumbai, then it is important to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the surgery for the successful results of the procedure. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before hair transplant surgery.

Do you need hair transplantation?

When it comes to hair transplant, the first question arises whether you need a hair transplant or not. Consult with a hair loss specialist for proper advice and guidance about what makes you a candidate for hair restoration surgery. The surgeon will do a thorough check-up and examine if there is any medical condition. Then, your surgeon may advise if there is any need for surgery for your scalp correction then you can act upon accordingly.

Are you the candidate for a hair transplant?

It is important to know whether you are an ideal candidate for surgery or not. If you have good health and facing the condition of baldness or thinning of hair, then you are the best candidate for surgery. Discuss with your surgeon before hair transplant about its effects along with your medical history.

Have you done proper market research?

To get the best treatment with successful results, you need to choose the best hair transplant center in Mumbai. Do proper market research and ask from the old patients, your friends and relatives and check the reviews on the internet to know about the particular center and the services they offer in terms of quality and results.

Have you chosen a skilled and certified surgeon?

Choose a skilled, efficient and experienced surgeon who is board-certified to perform your hair transplantation surgery. They follow proper care and preventive measures and use the best medical practices and artistic skills so that patients can achieve successful outcomes. Make the right choice of the surgeon so that you can have natural, undetectable and permanently growing hair.

Are you prepared and committed to postoperative care?

Answer yourself whether you’re committed to following proper instructions given by the surgeon for postoperative care. It can make a huge difference to the transplantation results. Be prepared mentally and physically to follow all things before hair transplant given by your surgeon for the best recovery results and to prevent the potential complications of the procedure. Your participation in the recovery period can add to the quality of results.

Why Choose Us?

Artius Clinic is well known for achieving excellent results in terms of hair transplants for both men and women. Our experienced cosmetologists are professionally trained and will ensure that you receive the best care and always be attended carefully and courteously. Our surgeons provide specialized consultation and a full assessment of your medical history and will determine which hair restoration treatment best suits you.

Our doctors are experienced medical practitioners with years of experience performing successful hair restoration treatments flawlessly. We use high-quality technology, ensuring a completely professional medical environment for hair restoration treatments FUE and FUT and both consist of the extraction of healthy follicular units from the donor area – usually the back of the head, and their transplantation to the affected area where healthier and thicker hair will normally start to grow. 

The hair experts and dermatologists at Artius Clinic also perform non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures if you don’t wish to have a surgical procedure. Whether you have a surgical or a non-surgical hair transplant treatment, here at Artius you are guaranteed to be attended by experienced hair cosmetologists who have been highly trained and achieve excellent results with many satisfied patients. For cosmetic procedures that require maximum skill, attention, and focus, the prices are affordable and the recovery period after these hair restoration treatments is short.

If you happen to suffer from baldness, we welcome you to our clinic for a specialized before and after hair surgery consultation with our highly trained experts.

We bring you the latest and the most effective techniques in hair transplant, we assure you to provide the highest level of care and attention. Our expert professionals will provide you with all the information about hair transplant which helps you understand the right hair fall treatment for you. This, in turn, allows you to make an informed choice based on your needs and goals.

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