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FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

There is hardly anyone on this Earth who can resist the charming allure of beautiful hair. Rich, lustrous and healthy hair has been so important that it even makes to the children’s stories. Rapunzel anyone? It certainly is obvious then that you should want your hair to be in perfect condition.

But what if your hair is following its natural course and you have started to lose hair – loads of it every day. Surely you need to do something and that something should be visiting a good doctor to consult about your condition. The doctor can diagnose the problem and suggest a line of treatment. Whether the doctor suggests, you don’t need to worry as we have a number of good hair clinics conducting hair transplant as well as PRP hair treatment in Mumbai.

What is PRP Treatment?

During the procedure, a small amount of blood (typically 20ml) is drawn from your own body (generally from the arm). This blood is then run on a machine called centrifuge, which spins the blood in exceedingly high speed. This spinning separates the blood into 3 layers due to the difference in their densities –
  • Platelet poor plasma
  • Platelet rich plasma
  • Red blood cells
prp hair treatment in mumbai

This platelet rich plasma is then taken and injected onto your scalp. Typically the PRP hair treatment in Mumbai is done by a trained professional and is completely safe. The doctor may decide to apply pain relieving creams on the scalp prior to the procedure, use local anaesthesia or inject painkillers along with the PRP.

Although mostly safe there are slight risks associated with the PRP hair treatment in Mumbai or any other city for that matter. These risks include

  • Minor injury to the blood vessel during injections
  • Allergy to the local anaesthetic being used
  • Infection due to the needle
  • Some injury or damage causing scarring of the tissue.
A doctor performing best PRP hair treatment in Mumbai says the procedure typically takes half an hour to 1 hour. The treatment requires minimum three sittings initially, one every week. After that maintenance sittings are required once every 3 to 6 months.

How Does PRP Restore Hair Growth?

You have already heard of hair transplant, but what exactly is this PRP treatment? Well, it is a comparatively newer form of hair restoration treatment, which is slowly gaining prominence. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and refers to the technique where platelet rich plasma is used to improve the growth of hair.
A reputed doctor performing PRP hair treatment in Mumbai, clarifies further – your blood consists of two major components
  • Red Blood cells
  • Plasma
The plasma contains white blood cells and other substances that help in cell growth promoting blood clots in case of injury. This fact is exploited to increase the growth rate of your thinning hair, providing you with healthier and better hair.

Benefits of PRP for Hair Regenaration

Although, it is an upcoming technology and needs a lot more research into it, the patients who have undergone PRP hair treatment claim to have got great results, encouraging the use of this technology. 

Some doctors practising PRP hair treatment in Mumbai also suggest it as a preventive method to reduce thinning of hair.

prp hair treatment cost in mumbai

Cost of PRP Hair Transplant Surgery

One of the major points to be kept in mind during PRP or any other surgery is the cost aspect. Since it is still a relatively new technique, most insurance providers do not cover PRP. Hence, it may well be considered as a decision point while going in for the procedure. Some of the clinics providing PRP hair treatment in Mumbai, may charge you in thousands for each sitting. Do bear the same in mind while you opt to go for PRP treatment. The prp hair treatment cost in mumbai depends on different factors but it is affordable as compared to other cities.