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Looking to enhance the balding or thinning areas of the scalp? If this is so, a hair transplant might be perfect for you.

A hair transplant is a procedure in which healthy hair follicles have been chosen from 1 region of the scalp and transplanted to fill areas dealing with hair loss. Considering that the transplanted hairs are wholesome, they keep their genetic immunity to the effects of dihydrotestosterone, an active form of testosterone within the body’s cells. It follows that when the hairs are transplanted, they will keep growing and will not ever again be affected by baldness.

Hair transplantation operation is shown to work, producing exceptionally successful outcomes. Typically, the success rate of these transplanted follicular units, or grafts, are extremely high at roughly 99%. Nonetheless, to be able to reap these favorable benefits, an individual has to first understand the pros and cons to baldness. By way of instance, the treatment is a surgical procedure which needs a period of healing.

To become more familiar with hair transplantation operation, read to learn about the many pros and cons of the process, and secondly, discover whether you are a candidate for a transplant.

Pro: Guaranteed Effects

Hair transplantation surgery is an extremely complicated surgical process that guarantees the development of healthy hair in differently bald or thinning areas. In Artius Clinic we utilize the very revolutionary sort of hair transplantation called Follicular Unit Transplantation, or FUT.

This kind of process is carried out by transplanting your normal hair in groups of one to four follicles, and we refer to as follicular units. Harvesting hairs at follicular components eases the transplantation procedure, enhances the overall look of the finalized outcomes, and raises the likelihood of a successful transplantation.

Employing the latest improvements in engineering, you’ll have hair that lasts for a lifetime. As soon as your session(s) are complete, you will not ever lose your transplanted hair .

Con: Surgical procedure

One possible con to hair transplantation operation is that it is a surgical process, which will frighten a few of our patients. But at Artius Clinic we admit and understand why you might feel uncomfortable. Bearing that in mind we do all we can to be sure that you’re comfortable, relaxed, and nicely cared for prior to, during, and after operation.

By way of instance, on the day of the process, we will provide an extremely mild sedative to help calm your nerves. In addition, we have several tactics that will assist you keep your head off the operation itself. From listening to audio to watching films, there are lots of things that we can do to keep you busy. Additionally, our team is always there to help. We have been performing this process for a long time and are constantly happy, happy, and talkative, which you will find helps time go by very fast.

Pro: Natural Look

The results of hair transplantation operation are constantly targeted at appearing subtle and natural. Our physicians at Artius clinic are all dedicated to this guarantee.

The subtle and natural outcomes of baldness are got through highly developed methods and decades of expertise. Our surgeons ascertain the very best angle, place, and supply of the transplanted hairs. When that is implemented properly, the results are astounding. The transplanted hairs mix seamlessly into another wholesome hairs, forming a totally natural appearance. Nobody will be familiar with your own hair transplant but also you.

Con: Retrieval time

Hair transplantation surgery is a significant process and needs to be treated as such. Whenever you don’t cure your restoration period you raise dangers of bleeding, infection, scarring, and numbness. But by adhering to our recommended hints during your recovery period, you need to have the ability to prevent these possible complications and return to regular activities anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks.

To get a smooth restoration, we advocating preventing the next immediately after your own hair transplantation process:

Tugging and yanking Give your scalp time to cure. Prevent itching, pulling, scratching, or anything else which could possibly irritate donor or transplanted areas.

Direct sun: We recommend wearing a hat to protect your scalp from sun for three or more weeks following operation.

Usual sleeping ailments: Sleeping with your neck and head raised to prevent any disturbance to the healing process of your own hair follicles.

These are only a couple of the overall tips we supply each hair transplant patient. But following your own hair transplantation surgery, our surgeons can supply detailed and specific directions, tailored for your healing period.

Pro: No technical therapy required

Among the most exciting components of hair transplant is the fact that after the process, the hair is totally operational and yours.

Following your recovery period has passed, the transplanted hair does not need any technical therapy. Meaning, you are able to cut brush, fashion, colour, and utilize any type of shampoo, conditioner, or hair product. This is a sizable benefit since you are able to cure your transplanted hairs exactly as with any other hair on your mind –for the remainder of your life.

Can I be a candidate for hair transplantation surgery?

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of baldness, it is possible to figure out whether you’re a candidate for this process. Normally, the Perfect candidate for hair transplantation operation has the following attributes:

Female or male: Contrary to popular belief, baldness are not solely for guys. Both women and men can reap successful outcomes from hair transplantation operation.

Over age 25: Hair transplant would be most effective later in life once the bulk or all your hair loss has occurred.

Suffer from female or male pattern hair loss: Together with male pattern hair loss, baldness occurs on the front and top of your head. In terms of female pattern hair loss, hair loss often starts at the area. The two conditions leave some regions on the scalp untouched, giving an ideal region to harvest healthy hairs for transplantation.

Realistic expectations: Hair transplantation is the only hair restoration treatment where we could guarantee wholesome hair growth. But, it is important to have realistic expectations. By way of instance, your newly transplanted hairs are going to have the same texture and contour as your present, lips that are unaffected.

If I am not a candidate: What if I do?

Should you realize you don’t fit the mould of a perfect hair transplantation candidate–do not worry. If you are in this circumstance, we recommend scheduling an appointment appointment. From time to time, even in the event that you don’t feel as though you satisfy the standards, our best physicians may conclude differently. In addition, we suggest having a peek at other different hair removal treatments. With a huge array of hair restoration remedies, we guarantee to work together until we find a remedy that suits your special needs.

What is next?

If you have any queries, questions, or comments concerning the many pros and cons of hair transplantation surgery, we invite you to provide us a call or set up a consultation appointment. In Artius practice, we are dedicated to helping you feel confident on your skin–if that entails a hair restoration surgery or another cosmetic or medical therapy.

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