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Rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure, performed surgically to change the shape of your nose by altering and reconstructing it.  Rhinoplasty is commonly known as a nose job. It is performed either for cosmetic issues or to treat the medical conditions like breathing impairment.

Reasons Why People Do Rhinoplasty:- There are a number of the reasons why people do Rhinoplasty. In an aesthetic sense, the patients who are unhappy with the appearance or with the particular feature of the nose like pointed nasal tip or shape, angle of the nose, surgery will be performed for the correction. Another reason has deviated septum deformities or accidentally broken nose leads to the breathing issues and also brings the change in the physical appearance of the nose that can be treated by Rhinoplasty.

Types Of Rhinoplasty:- In a Rhinoplasty, there are two types of surgeries: Reconstructive surgery and Cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery only the function and form of the nose has been restored whereas in Cosmetic surgery, the shape or the appearance of the nose changes for the personal outlook, i.e. anatomical natural makeup of the nose. It is performed to fulfil the patient’s desired appearance.

Procedure:- Procedure can be performed in two ways: Closed Rhinoplasty and Open Rhinoplasty. In Rhinoplasty, three main components are cartilage, underlying tissues and small bones which work together for the appearance of the nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty:- In closed Rhinoplasty, a small surgical cut made within or inside of the nose so that changes can be made without raising the upper skin of the nose, i.e. nasal skin is a small and rapid medical procedure. Another name for the closed Rhinoplasty is Endonasal Rhinoplasty. In this surgery, no scars can be seen because all the incisions made during surgery are inside of the nose. In closed Rhinoplasty, there is less swelling(an abnormal enlargement)present. The drawback of the closed Rhinoplasty is no clear vision of the surgical area, which leads to the risk of wrong surgery. The only drawback experienced by the patient in this surgery is weakening of the nasal structure.

Open Rhinoplasty:- In open Rhinoplasty, small zigzag incisions made on the tissues present at the base of the external nose which separates the nostrils(nose openings) known as the columella. In this procedure, the skin of the nose is raised to make easy or optimal access. The visibility of the surgical area is evident because all the incisions are made outside of the nose. In this surgery, minimal visible scarring is present. The drawback of the open Rhinoplasty is a lengthy procedure then closed Rhinoplasty. Recovery time of Rhinoplasty is also longer than closed Rhinoplasty.

The medication can control the recovery period after Rhinoplasty:- Mild to moderate discomfort and the pain that the patient may experience. The patient should expect to be wearing a splint( it is a piece of medical equipment usually placed under the broken bones for stabilization) for a week. Additionally, the patient should avoid doing exercises such as jogging, swimming for a month and also advised not to wear glasses for a few weeks.

Some facts you should know about Rhinoplasty:- With parental consent, surgery should be done in teens or adults when ninety per cent of the nose growth has completed. Another fact about Rhinoplasty is Either the patient should be in good health or the other medical conditions should be in control (diabetes, hypertension). Moreover, the patient should not be a smoker because smoking can lead to tissue damage.

Which is better, Open or Closed Rhinoplasty? The answer to this question depends on your surgeon and your comfortability with scars because, in open Rhinoplasty, slight scars will be present, whereas in closed, there will be no scarring. So choosing closed Rhinoplasty is the best possible procedure.

Rhinoplasty cost:- The procedure’s cost depends on the following factors: Hospital choice can lead to a significant change in the value because of the luxury facilities, e.g. premium hospitals charge more because of higher room rent, medical care etc. Another one is the city you choose for the surgery makes a vast difference in the overall price of the procedure.

So the cost of Rhinoplasty varies from individual to individual.

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