Is Natural Hair Achievable With A Hair Transplant?

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Hair transplant is considered to be the safest and most effective treatment for restoring hair that can help your scalp look attractive, and you can also end up achieving a better appearance. However, people who wish to undergo a hair transplant procedure may wonder if this method can help you to obtain natural hair.

The answer to this problem is yes; Hair transplant procedure can help you achieve complete natural hair. This is because, in this procedure, the natural hair strands are extracted from the donor area or the area of the scalp that has a high density of hair follicles. Now, these extracted hair follicles are finally grafted to the recipient area of the scalp, which is the balding or the hair thinning area. These newly grafted strands gradually fall out after a month or so after hair transplant, but the hair usually starts growing after three to four months. Many patients feel quite discouraged at this stage when they experience shock loss or shedding of the newly transplanted hair follicles. But the good news is, this is a temporary hair fall phase that occurs due to the trauma caused during the procedure. Within a year or so, most of the patients will be able to see the full result. Once the entire effect is attained, it will not be possible to distinguish between the new strands with the old ones after hair transplant.

Normal hair density

People who do not suffer from any hair loss issues usually consist of 80 to 100 follicular units per square centimeter of the scalp. This is the reason that hair thinning is often not so noticeable until half of the native density falls out. Therefore, this is clear that around 45-55 follicular units are sufficient to be transplanted per square centimeter of the scalp to ensure natural hair growth and to avoid shock loss.

Healthy hair growth equals to strong donor area

If the donor area of your scalp is healthy, then it is anticipated that the transplanted growing natural hair is also healthy. This is because; if the donor area is healthy, then the donor grafts obtained from the place are also expected to give natural and effective results. Before undergoing a hair transplant procedure, the surgeons first analyze the size of the donor area, the density of the hair growth, and the quality of the hair. However, people undergoing hair transplant techniques like FUE or DHI, the surgeons usually extract several grafts from a tiny section. Whereas, people experiencing an FUE hair transplant procedure uses grafts that can be obtained from a much larger area. The surgeons usually take both methods under consideration when analyzing the extent of hair coverage that can be attained.


In conclusion, hair transplant surgery can help to attain growing natural hair, for the simple reason that the hair follicles are extracted from the patient’s donor area, which is either the back or sides of the scalp. However, immediately after undergoing the hair transplant procedure, it is essential to follow the hair transplant after surgery regime to avoid any significant complications or side effects.

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