Is It Possible To Reverse A Hair Transplant?

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Hair loss is a common problem seen in people across all age groups and in both genders. Hair loss can have a psychological impact on a person and affects the self-confidence and the overall personality of an individual.

 Therefore, many people choose to undergo hair transplant surgery to regrow their lost hair. Unfortunately, many people opt to get the procedure done by inexperienced or unqualified doctors either due to lack of knowledge or because they get lured by a cheaper deal. This results in unsatisfactory hair transplant results. Such people may want a reversal of their hair transplant procedure. This in turn not only increases the overall treatment cost but also delays the recovery period, not to mention the psychological trauma and disadvantages associated with the reversal of a hair transplant procedure.

But the bigger question is whether it is really possible to reverse a hair transplant procedure?

Can the transplanted hair be removed?

If the results of the FUE hair transplant are not satisfactory the procedure can somewhat be reversed. The transplanted hair grafts can be removed and then placed in another area. This can help in correcting the mistakes that were done by the previous hair transplant surgeon.

But, this removal and repositioning of the transplanted grafts can lead to an increased and more prominent scar formation. Therefore, the results may not appear to be as natural as your own previous hair transplant procedure.

Can the transplanted hair be removed using a laser?

The transplanted hair can be removed using pulsating, intense light laser beams. These laser beams destroy the hair follicles, preventing any further hair growth. 

A laser can therefore be used as a reverse hair transplant method by stopping the hair growth from the transplanted hair follicles.

However, it’s disadvantages include an increase in the visibility of the hair transplant procedure scars and the inability of the transplanted hair to grow back once they are laser treated.

One must weigh all the pros and cons of undergoing laser treatment to remove the transplanted hair before opting for the procedure.

What is scalp micropigmentation?

A non-surgical procedure for people with hair loss, where the head is tattooed to give an illusion of a fuller hairline and a shaved head is known as scalp micro-pigmentation.

Although this method is not quite a reverse hair transplant procedure gone wrong, it is useful in people who choose to shave off their transplanted hair. Scalp micro pigmentation helps in covering up the scars due to the hair transplant procedure and achieving the appearance of a somewhat fuller hairline and preventing any more surgical procedures.

The importance of choosing a good clinic and a good surgeon for your hair transplant surgery

It is advisable to choose a good clinic and an experienced surgeon for hair transplant surgery in the first place to avoid the agony of undergoing a reverse hair transplant, which increases your overall hair transplant cost, and impacts you both mentally and physically. By choosing the best place for hair transplant surgery in and around your locality you will be saving yourself a lot of time and money.

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