Is Hair Transplant Really For Women?

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Hair loss is a common problem nowadays. A few years back, we believed that hair loss affects only men but the truth, however, is that even women are equally affected. Just like men undergo various hair restoration procedures, women too are choosing this hair treatment procedure to overcome their hair loss issues.

Hair Loss in Women

Alopecia or hair loss problem in men can severely affect their self-esteem. Similarly, hair loss in women is neither sexually appealing nor culturally acceptable by society. The obvious reason for this is that the female patterns of alopecia are usually that of diffuse thinning rather than baldness. Moreover, women have more options to balance hair loss through styling and coloring.

Common Symptoms in Women

According to research, one in five women will experience some degree of hair loss that usually occurs because of hormonal changes, aging or illness after menopause. Unlike, men who lose hair in patches the women experience a subtle thinning all over their scalp. Some women opt for wig or hair extensions for a temporary solution. There are some who use a topical prescription drug to prevent further hair loss. Hair transplant surgery is the best solution for those women who feel uncomfortable choosing any of these options.

Hair Transplant for women

Gone are the days when people use to think hair transplant surgery was not for women. Nowadays, women can undergo hair transplant surgery to restore their tresses. Since hair transplant surgery is designed for both men and women to treat their baldness. It is a  surgical procedure that helps them to regrow their hair on the bald areas of their scalp.

FUE is a type of hair transplant technique which helps women to regrow hair in bald areas. It a very safe technique, highly opted as it is 100% safe and natural process and there are no side effects. A hair transplant is the best and safest option for women if done by an experienced and board-certified hair specialist including a surgeon. Also, it is important to know the underlying cause of hair loss before undergoing a transplant so that the surgeon can suggest the best treatment for a mane.

Bottom Line

Hair transplant surgery offers natural and beautiful tresses and many women who experience hair loss problems choose such procedures to get highly positive results. If you are looking for hair loss treatment, Artius is the best option for you. There are professional surgeons and with new-age technology, the process of hair transplant surgery they perform provide numerous advantages such as less pain, no side-effects, no cuts or scars. This is why Artius is a topmost choice that offers you the best hair loss treatment for men & women.

Why Choose Us? 

Artius is the one-stop destination for all your cosmetic surgery and hair transplant treatment. We strive to give proper care and attention to all our patients coming for hair restoration. We believe in giving high-quality services with the utmost care and safety using the latest techniques and tools and thus provide the best hair implant for women.

Our clinic is the ultimate choice of many people as we offer you unique services:


The hair restoration procedure helps to regrow hair on the bald scalp. It makes you look and feel good. For us, people satisfaction matters the most and thus we deliver the most natural hair restoration and guarantee 100% of the grafts transplanted to grow.


Our well-experienced surgeon and staff have years of experience in the hair restoration field. They are experts in providing the best treatment to regrow lost hair through FUE. 


Artius uses the most sophisticated FUE extraction technology for hair restoration. With advance technology available nowadays, we study and record patient and graft quality to carry out the Hair transplant procedure with guaranteed results.


When it comes to cost, we understand the concern of our people. To avoid burning holes in their pocket, we strive to provide the most competitive rates in the market with a high level of experience. 

If you’re looking for a female hair transplant clinic in Mumbai, we at Artius assure you to provide the best hair restoration surgery with guaranteed results.

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