Is Excess Protein Bad for Your Hair

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You obviously lose up to 100 hairs every day, but excess hair loss, called alopecia, may be alarming. You will lose more hair than usual as a result of genetic male-pattern balding, specific medicines, postpartum nutritional supplements or nutrient deficiencies. If you have been after a high-protein diet, then you might have eliminated specific foods, causing nutrient deficiencies accountable for your own hair loss. The pressure of dieting and putting your body to the condition of ketosis, as soon as your body has too little sugar and turns to stored fat for energy, may also lead to hair loss in some individuals.

Can too much protein cause hair loss? 

High protein diets might be a terrific way to shed weight and burn off fat. However they could take a toll on the body, and sometimes even result in hair loss. does protein cause hair loss these questions are asked a lot these days.

The Way Losing Hair Is Linked to Top Protein Diets

If you are eating a diet high in protein, then you might have cut or radically limited your consumption of foods such as carbohydrates. If you deprive your body of certain foods, then it can result in nutrient deficiencies which may result in hair loss. If your body is not getting all of the nutrients it must operate correctly, neither is the hair.

Low Carbohydrate Intake & Thinning Hair

Carbohydrates have a whole lot of calories, which the human entire body, such as your hair follicles, uses for fuel. When you reduce your caloric consumption to a very low amount, your liver converts fatty acids and ketones to energy, developing a condition of ketosis. With low carbohydrate diets, the human body no longer has its own favorite source of energy, and turns to fat . If your body does not have sufficient fuel, then your hair follicles might be among the first organs to shut down to conserve energy.

Restrictive Diets & Hair Loss

The strain of restrictive diets may prematurely push your entire own hair follicles to the resting (telogen) phase of the hair growth cycle. That is because they might not have sufficient nutrients or calories to stay active in the development period. Adjusting your diet may be stressful on your body, causing your hair follicles to go into shock. Your pores are extremely sensitive and they are ready to discover a little change in their surroundings. They could shut down to attempt to shield themselves, and if follicles closed down, it activates a reduction of hair. But Once you restart a balanced diet, then your hair follicles will normally return to normal as well as the excess shedding will discontinue.

Speak with Your Physician

In the event that you recently begun a high protein diet and also have hair loss, it is a fantastic idea to speak with your physician. This sort of diet may still be an alternative for you, but you ought to ask your healthcare provider about incorporating nutritional supplements. Your physician may also order blood tests to rule out other health problems that may result in hair loss.

Other Reasons for Hair Loss

As a shift in diet may result in hair loss, there are lots of potential causes of thinning hair. Genetic baldness is the most frequent reason, but shedding hair may also be due to autoimmune conditions, hormonal alterations, thyroid disease, anemia, chronic tension and harsh styling methods. Other factors include prescriptions like blood thinners, birth control, steroids, antidepressants and weight loss medications.

What You Can Do About Hair Loss

In Artius Clinic, we are aware of the value of hair and the way that shedding it may influence your life. The fantastic news is no matter how much hair you have lost, we’ve got a solution which can work for you. For decades we have been helping women and men restore their hair and change their lives. With many different customizable options we can tailor one of the proven options only for you.

Schedule your free consultation with one of our own hair loss pros and take another step toward a complete head of hair loss.

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