How To Style Your Hair After FUE Hair Transplant?

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After undergoing a successful FUE Hair Transplant procedure, desiring a new hairstyle and a unique appearance must be on the top of your priority list. However, surgeons usually instruct their patients to wait for a few weeks before using any styling product on their new hair because the treated area will need some time to recover completely.

Styling tips after undergoing an FUE:-

After enduring the FUE hair transplant procedure, the transplanted hair usually starts falling out. But don’t worry, within the next three to six months the permanent hairs will start coming out from the treated area. The new hair starts growing slowly with a speed of half-inch a month. So by this time, the patients must be calm and let the hair grow before they begin any hairstyling.

  • Shampoo – Shampooing your hair immediately after undergoing the FUE transplant procedure is not at all recommended. You must follow the instructions that are provided by the surgeon and wait until the treated area has healed completely. Once recovered, and your surgeon is good with it; you may wash your hair but only with mild baby shampoo. Surgeons recommend baby shampoo because they do not contain any harsh chemicals that can irritate or damage the new hair grafts. However, if you want to use any antidandruff shampoo, then you must necessarily consult your surgeon.
  • Heat treatments – For the first few weeks after undergoing an FUE hair transplant procedure treat your hair with care. It would be best if you just let your hair dry without using any hot blow dryer because the donor area for the first few weeks will mostly be numb so you will not be able to feel anything in that area. So when you use the dryer to the unhealed area, it may result in damaging the area of treatment. This damage will cost you by loosing all the newly transplanted hair follicles. Even if you use a hairdryer after the treatment area has healed completely, make sure that the heating intensity is very low.
  • Hair dye and other cosmetic chemicals – After undergoing an FUE hair transplant procedure, the hair follicles usually remain sensitive. So using harsh chemical dyes or other cosmetic substances will not be a great idea as the treated area might react differently. To avoid all of it, surgeons usually suggest their patients to side-step such styling practices for at least three to four weeks after undergoing the procedure.
  • Hair setting spray or gels – Anyone who has recently undergone an FUE hair transplant procedure must start using a hair setting spray or gel at least two weeks after undergoing the procedure. But it is usually the best idea to consult with your surgeon before starting to use such products to your newly transplanted hair. Patients after undergoing the procedure can use a hair mousse as that helps to bring a voluminous appearance to the hair.
  • Haircuts- Patients after undergoing the hair transplant procedure will have short hair length, and the transplanted hair will take some time to grow back to full-length hair. So in most cases, patients do not have to cut or trim the transplanted hair. But overall they are allowed to get a hair cut only after three weeks of undergoing the procedure.

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