how to sleep after hair transplant?

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Thanks to modern-day hair transplant advances and innovative technologies, hair transplant surgeries have now become minimally invasive. What does this mean? From the clients perspective, it means safe, effective and gloriously natural looking hairs. 

Minimally invasive hair transplants also mean a smooth and quick healing process as the scars are significantly less. But, as a hair transplant still counts as surgery, the procedure’s success rate depends on the care and treatment adherence. One such parameter that highly affects the procedure’s success is ‘how to sleep after hair transplant’.

Presently, follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transaction (FUT) are two of the most preferred hair transplant procedures. The FUT procedure takes slightly longer to heal as an entire strip of hair from the scalp that contains healthy hair follicles is extracted. FUE is a quick healing process as single follicles are extracted and implanted. Also, in this technique, scarring is minimal. 

To understand ‘how many days after hair transplant can I sleep normally’, take consultation before the surgery with a surgeon to go through all the post-surgical care initiatives. It is important as both the client and surgeon have to ensure that it does not compromise new follicles.

How to sleep after hair transplant and tips for a good night’s sleep:

After a hair transplant how to sleep is a concern that bothers many because, hey, who doesn’t crave a great sleep! Artius clinic shares some tips and great advice on how to sleep after hair transplant.

Hair transplant and sleep rituals:

  • Posture: 

Not just health and lifestyle-wise, body posture while you sleep, significantly affects hair follicles. After a hair transplant how to sleep is what you will know now. Lie on your back and place a double cushion for the support. Also, it helps in avoiding forehead, cheeks and eye swelling.

On the 10th day of the surgery, it is observed that the follicles are adequately sealed, but it is advised that you should delay sleeping in your favourite posture till day 14. Also, sleeping in a comfortable posture will be further delayed if itching or sensitivity prevails. Hope this helps to answer the question ‘how many days after hair transplant can I sleep normally?’.

  • Cleanliness is important: 

Not the scalp but the sleep environment. The bed, pillowcases, sheets and pullovers should be extra clean to avoid any infections. Use detergents that don’t have allergens that can irritate your scalp. It is one of the important factors of how to sleep after a hair transplant.

  • Pillow cover: 

Your scalp is bound to leak after the surgery for some time. Hence you should cover the pillow with a towel to prevent stains on pillow covers. 

  • Clean bed: 

The first few days after the surgery, you will have to sleep comfortably on a very clean bed. Nothing like camping or old bed covers. Both at the hotel or home use clean bed covers every night. For detangling hair, you should also use a soaker under your hair. The tonic will come in handy till the fourth-month post-surgery to avoid frictions and anti-tirones. 

  • Clean hair:

It is obvious you won’t be washing your hair as usual post-surgery any time soon. So to hydrate the scalp, use seawater, physiological or thermal serum. After the fourth day, after consulting with your doctor, you can wash your hair quite gently and strictly follow the instructions on how to do so. Also, you should avoid washing the hairs at night or the last hour of the day as the scabs that are strengthening your follicles will soften up and lead to the falling of follicles. 

  • Cures:

It is a possibility that the scars will heal up quite fast if everything goes as planned, but there would still be a few cures left to do. These cures should not be practised before bedtime as the epithelial matter will soften up, and follicles are more prone to pull and friction. 

Hence it is imperative that for how to sleep after a hair transplant, all the above should be adhered to.

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