How to Sleep After FUE Hair Transplant

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“When can I sleep normally after hair transplant?” is one common question most transplant patients ask. The answer to this question is you can sleep in a normal position after a few weeks of the surgery. However, once the transplant is over, you need to be more cautious about your hair. It is because post-surgery care ensures a better result. If you do not care for your hair cautiously, you may develop a permanent scar on your scalp or break the newly transplanted hair follicles.

How to sleep after a hair transplant?

Proper rest hasten the recovery process and may provide wonderful results after a hair transplant surgery. However, not giving the required rest to your body may delay the recovery and affect the outcome.

Some tips that may help you get proper sleep post-surgery to include:

  • Sleep on your side
    Try not to sleep flat as it puts pressure on your hair follicles. In addition, try to sleep on your sides to reduce swelling and prevent damages.
  • Maintain distance from the headboard
    Try not to hit the headboard while sleeping, as it may damage your hair follicles. You can use pillows to prevent your head from hitting the headboard.
  • Dark sheets under the pillow
    Your scalp may discharge fluids in the initial days of the surgery. Therefore, it is helpful to place a dark sheet under the pillow. It will prevent the pillow from getting spoiled.
  • Stack pillows on your side
    It protects you from rolling over while sleeping. You can sleep on a recliner for a few days post-surgery.
  • Cleanliness
    In the first two weeks post-surgery, you must sleep on your bed. Moreover, keep your bedsheet and pillow covers clean to avoid hair damages. In addition, you must refrain from outdoor sleeping activities like camping.
  • Air pillows
    Using air pillows or neck pillows can prevent hair damages. Moreover, these pillows keep your head in a tilted position and avoid hair breakage.
  • Medications
    You may take prescribed medications for proper sleep. Moreover, taking antibiotics may prevent the risks of infections.
  • Hair wash
    If you have to wash your hair, you must do it in the morning. It is because your scalp tissues are more sensitive during the night. Harsh rubs during the night may damage the transplanted hair follicles.

Taking proper sleep after a hair transplant is essential for your recovery. The tips mentioned above may tell you how to sleep after a hair transplant.

Dos and Don’ts after a hair transplant

If you wish for the best results from your hair transplant surgery, you may follow the dos and don’ts.

Dos after a hair transplant surgery

You can follow these tips to get an optimal result from the surgery.

  • Try to take your friends or relatives with you to the hospital. It is crucial because you will need someone to drive you back to your home. After surgery, driving under the influence of anaesthesia is dangerous.
  • In the first week post-surgery, you must take proper sleep. FUE sleeping position is crucial to protect your scalp. If you sleep in your usual position, you may break your hair follicles or develop swelling on your scalp.
  • If you have swelling on your scalp, you must apply ice. However, remember not to apply ice directly to the affected area. You can use ice just above your eyebrows to control swelling.
  • While taking a bath, do not scrub your head harshly, as it might break the hair follicles. Moreover, use a shampoo that does not irritate your scalp’s skin. In addition, you must not put your scalp under high water pressure.
  • If you have developed an itchy scalp, you must apply a hair conditioner to soothe the area.
  • If you have to dye your hair, you must do it before the surgery. Applying hair colour after the surgery might damage your transplanted hair.
  • Keep yourself hydrated to provide moisture to your scalp. If you maintain proper moisture, your hair will grow healthier. You can drink water or other fluids to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Your hair follicles may fall between 2-4 weeks post-surgery. Once the hair-fall stops, you may experience hair regrowth on your scalp.

Following these tips may help you get an effective result from the hair transplant surgery. But, first, you must take care of your sleeping position after a hair transplant.

Don’ts after a hair transplant surgery

Essential things that you must not do post a hair transplant surgery.

  • Do not panic after witnessing hair fall or swelling in your scalp. Most of the patients experience swelling after the surgery.
  • Do not touch the surgical site. Moreover, do not apply anything to your scalp for a few days.
  • If you have developed scabs on your scalp, do not remove them forcefully.
  • Do not sleep flat. Always follow the hair transplant sleeping position.
  • Do not apply shampoo to your hair or wash them with normal water for the first 48 hours.
  • If you have an itchy scalp, remember not to scratch them harshly.
    Protect your hair from environmental toxins by wrapping them in a scarf or using a hat.

Remember these tips to prevent your hair from being damaged. If you want to know more about how to sleep after an FUE hair transplant, you may contact Dr. Sagar Gundewar.

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