How To Prepare Yourself For A Robotic Hair Transplant?

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As the name suggests, a robotic hair transplant is a procedure that is performed by a robot and it is done with the main aim of providing an individual a hair full of head with a completely natural look. This procedure uses some of the best technology and has proven to have a lot of accuracy and efficiency. Sadly, when one hears the term ‘robotic hair transplant’ then it is not a happy image which he or she thinks of. Instead, our head tends to instantly get filled with images of a bad hair transplantation procedure and we tend to think every possible thing which could get wrong. However, it is important to remember that these are nothing but irrational fears and the truth is thankfully very far away from this.

Robotic hair restoration is a straightforward procedure for most of the patients. This treatment method consists of outpatient treatment and does not usually require a patient to prepare a lot. Still, it is recommended by many medical experts that one should take various important measures before getting a robotic FUE done. In this article, we will be learning exactly what those measures are. If you are planning to get a robotic hair transplant done then you should pay extra attention to these measures. For ease of understanding, the article has been divided into three important stages of treatment.

Stage 1: Meeting With the Plastic Surgeon

The first thing which an individual needs to do if he or she wishes to get a robotic FUE hair transplant is to fix up a meeting with a plastic surgeon. It is recommended that one should only select a dedicated, experienced, and qualified plastic surgeon who would be able to understand the needs and requirements of his or her patients. The second step of this stage is to actually have the initial consultation.

During the initial consultation, one should ensure that he or she has discussed all the possible options in detail. This would allow the individual to not just understand his or her condition in a better manner but would also allow one to select the best possible solution for the current hair problems. If there are any questions or queries which one has during the first consultation then one should make sure to get those queries resolved as soon as possible. It is also ideal to make a list of important topics that should be discussed during the consultation. And luckily, we have such a list ready for you. The list is mentioned below.

  • Any medication which the patient might be using
  • If the patient is using tobacco or alcohol
  • If the patient has been experiencing a significant amount of stress lately
  • The possible outcomes of the robotic hair transplant surgery
  • The reason why one might be suffering from excessive hair loss or bald patterns

Once these topics have been discussed properly then, the medical expert would be able to provide the individual with specific instructions that are aimed at improving the chances of success for the procedure. One must pay close attention to the details as it would allow to later reduce pain, bleeding, swelling, and the total recovery time.

Stage 2: Basic Care Instructions Which Needs to be Followed before the Hair Transplant Procedure

Some of the most basic and common instructions which are given to individuals who have to go through a hair transplant procedure in a robotic hair clinic are mentioned below.

  • One should wear loose clothing to the surgery and should not cover the head
  • It is recommended that one should eat something healthy before the procedure
  • It is recommended that one should avoid consuming any medications which could act as a blood thinner. This is because of the fact that blood thinners could cause excessive bleeding
  • Try to avoid the consumption of alcohol, smoking, and caffeine before the procedure
  • Ideally, one should also arrange for proper transportation to and fro from the surgery
  • One should also wash hair by following certain steps and products

It is important to note that there can be many reasons why one might be losing his or her hair. This is why the doctor might recommend several additional measures beyond the ones which are mentioned here. Further, robotic hair restoration cost can also be rather expensive; hence, one should follow these instructions closely to get good results.

Stage 3: After the Treatment Is Done

It is important to note that the robotic hair transplant cost can vary from one individual to another. However, one good thing about all of this is that not a lot of care is required once the procedure has been performed. Even though the patient might leave the clinic with bandages on, one is not required to keep these bandages on for very long. In some cases, these bandages can be discarded by the end of the day. However, if one is experiencing any bleeding or swelling then one should contact the medical expert as soon as possible.

To further ensure that the area where the transplantation was conducted is healing properly, most medical experts would also require the patient to schedule a follow-up appointment. In most cases, this follow-up appointment is covered under the total robotic hair transplant cost. In some cases, patients might also require multiple grafts to get their desired look. This would mean that multiple appointments would have to be made. But at the end of the day, all of this is worth it as one is able to get rid of bald spots and their excessive hair fall issues successfully.

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