How To Get The Best Quality Hair Transplant?

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Staying updated with the latest advancements in hair restoration ensures that you will be aware of the procedure that your surgeons provide you. You can at least differentiate between a traditional and the most advanced hair restoration procedure. This is because more often, the conventional hair methods do not provide the patients with any desired result, and they end up with some visible hair plugs that give the most undesired and unnatural appearance. 

Additionally, if you wish to undergo the best hair transplant procedure, then it is incredibly crucial to be very cautious while selecting a hair surgeon. It would help if you chose someone who holds several years of experience in performing hair restoration and hair transplant repair procedures so that they can accomplish the most desired result.

However, when you finally decide to undergo a hair transplant procedure and want to accomplish the best hair transplant result, then following are some of the points that must be kept in mind-

  • Research– Before deciding to undergo the best hair transplant treatment, it is mandatory for you to do some research on the subject and then discuss your queries with your concerned hair surgeon. You can also choose to speak with some of the past patients and learn from their experiences. But make sure that you will only proceed when you are entirely sure about the procedure. While choosing the best hair transplant clinicyou must be very careful and not cut corners or fall prey to cheap marketing tricks.
  • Choose advanced hair transplant over older techniques-Older hair transplant techniques mostly leave behind a large area of scarring on the scalp that leaves behind visible plugs in the transplanted hair or have other problems such as unnatural appearing hairlines. This strange appearance occurs when a surgeon transplants a hair graft that contains more than two or three follicular units. The use of large grafts not only provides the most unnatural appearance but also leaves behind noticeable scars in the donor area. Along with visible scarring, older hair transplant methods also might leave the hair growing in the wrong direction or planted too deeply into the scalp giving rise to pitting. Whereas, the advanced and the best hair transplant technique does not involve any noticeable scarring or a pluggy appearance as these procedures involve implanting individual hair follicles to the balding area providing the most natural appearance.
  • Physician’s skill and expertise– No matter which hair transplant procedure you undergo, you may obtain an unfavourable hair transplant result due to the lack of a surgeon’s skill. A surgeon with the least experience or qualification will mostly end up implanting hair in the wrong direction or might perform the entire surgery incorrectly. Therefore, if you want to undergo the best hair transplant procedure, then it is essential to choose a surgeon based on their qualification and experience. You can also take a glimpse at the doctor’s past work before deciding to undergo the surgical process or ask for a recommendation from other patients. Additionally, it is always advisable to choose a board-certified surgeon.
  • Select the clinic wisely– Apart from choosing the most eligible and experienced surgeon to experience the best hair transplant procedure. It is vital to find out if the clinic is equipped with all the latest technology and state of the art equipment. This is because the latest advancements of the procedure usually ensure a pain-free and desirable result.

Why Choose Us?

The Artius clinic is well known for achieving the most desired results in terms of having the best hair transplant result for both and women. We have Dr Sagar Gundewar the most experienced hair surgeon in our clinic who is professionally trained and ensures that his patients receive the best care. He holds approximately ten years of experience in this domain and is an Indian board-certified surgeon. He is the one who performs thousands of hair transplant treatments at the Artius clinic.

Despite being the best hair clinic, it is a non-profit medical clinic that is dedicated to catering the best treatment to the people at the most affordable price range. Overall we aim in maintaining the quality of the service and offer the exact requirements to the patients. We utilize all the latest equipment in the operation theatres to ensure a safe procedure.

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