How To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Center

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A hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic hair restoration procedure that involves the relocation of hair follicles from one part of the body (say, scalp) called the donor site to the balding or affected part of the body called the receiver site. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) are the two most popular hair restoration surgeries performed in most hair transplantation clinics. 

Generally, a hair transplant is a risk-free, minimally invasive process, and the procedure’s success depends on your decision to choose the hair transplantation clinic. Are you planning to undergo the best hair restoration process? Then you must select the right clinic that has the most experienced and dedicated surgeons. If you search online and look for a “hair transplant clinic near me”, you will get many enticing options. 

There are many hair transplant centres out there that offer alluring discounts and flashy deals to lure in patients. But the results offered by these clinics are unacceptable, which might need you to undergo a revision hair transplant procedure. Remember, it is necessary to analyze the options based on its reputation and services rather than the discounted offers they make. 

It would be best if the patient remembered that having huge discounts doesn’t indicate that this is the best hair transplant centre. Extravagant discounts almost always have some catch hidden away. However, if you are unable to select the best and the most advanced hair transplant centre near your location, Artius clinic will be able to meet all your requirements. 

Mentioned below are some points that need to be analyzed while choosing one of the best hair transplant clinics:

  1. Background check of the clinic: A hair transplant is not as easy as it seems. It is a delicate cosmetic procedure that makes use of different techniques to handle delicate hair follicles. A hair clinic with cosmetic surgeons having fair and long experience in performing this procedure is vital.
  2. Credentials and Experience of the Surgeon – When you search for a hair transplant centre online, don’t just look for a ‘hair transplant centre near me.’ Look for a clinic that caters to your needs, in addition to the surgeon’s qualifications and specialization. You can also check the surgeon’s credentials against various other sources to make sure you choose the right one.
  3. Details of the Procedure- Ensure that the best hair transplant clinic you have picked also offers a consultation in which you are informed of the diagnosis, analysis and treatment process entirely. It would help if you had a one-to-one discussion with your surgeon to clarify all your queries.
  4. Location and Facilities offered – When you look online for ‘hair transplant clinic near me’, you will be presented with various options. Try choosing a clinic that is conveniently located and also offers the facilities you need. You must also ensure that the clinic utilizes the latest technologies and advancements and has the best surgeons, competent staff to handle even the most complicated cases.
  5. Previous success stories and Before-After Images– Have you tried getting feedback from your family and friends after shortlisting a hair transplant centre? Previous success stories, including the earlier patients’ before-after images, can give a clear picture of what to expect from the procedure, the surgeon’s capability, the team, and the clinic’s technologies.
  6. Specialization of treatment: Another crucial factor is to find a clinic that offers the specialization that you seek coupled with the latest technological advancements in the field. Fortunately, most hair transplantation clinics offer various treatment options and a perfect solution to you that accomplishes the most desirable results.
  7. Competent staff: Like any other cosmetic surgery, hair transplant needs trained and skilled medical staff to accompany the surgeon. 

If you are looking for one of the best hair transplant clinics, you may want to consider Artius, one of the leading clinics in Mumbai. 

Why choose us?

Artius is one of the leading hair transplantation clinics in Mumbai that offers the best treatment with a team of qualified cosmetic surgeons that includes Dr Sagar Gundewar and Dr Komal Gundewar. We are a non-profit medical clinic with over 13 years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant. The sterile operation theatres facilitate our skilled surgeons to execute successful hair transplant procedures. We aim to offer the most natural look, which allows the patients to restore their confidence. Besides, the patients are also provided with experienced counsellors who help them throughout the treatment and during recovery, which helps them immensely. We have treated more than a thousand patients until today, and the numbers are increasing every day.

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