How Long Does Hair Transplant Last?

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How long does hair transplant last?” is the first question that comes to the mind of a potential hair transplant patient. Although the answer to this question may not be simple to predict, people who seek to find a solution for hair loss will be delighted to know that, a hair transplant if done right typically gives long-lasting results. 

Hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss. But many factors can affect the answer to the question that will hair transplant last forever? 

The process of a hair transplant surgery usually involves either removal of individual follicles (FUE) or removal of a strip of skin (FUT) from a spot of healthy growth on the scalp. Following this, the follicles or the piece of skin is then carefully divided and transplanted back on the balding areas. Later, as time passes and the scalp heals, the follicles continue growing providing a dense natural hair growth to the balding or thinner areas.

How long does a hair transplant last?

While it is entirely reasonable to have questions and concerns like “Do hair transplants last forever?”, in most cases, hair transplant results last forever if done correctly. The hair follicles are harvested from the section of the dense growth of your scalp, which ensures that the scalp will naturally accept the transplanted follicles. The result will be a very natural growth of hair, and the new hair that grows will behave the same way as the surrounding hair to that area.

Although people suffering from Androgenic alopecia, otherwise also known as male/female pattern baldness hold the risk of further hair loss in the future. In most cases, the problem is solved by performing the hair transplant process in the affected areas where the new loss of hair has occurred. However, irrespective of these problems, the transplanted hair will remain secure and will last forever.

Surgeons and practitioner before performing the surgery will take into account the history of hair loss in your family to understand the likeability of your hair loss in the future. It also helps to determine how long does a hair transplant last, and help them in designing a hairline. A proper density is beneficial for the transplanted hair to blend with its surrounding natural hair.

Shock Loss:-

Even after a successful hair transplant surgery, you may experience hair loss in the week’s post-surgery, this condition is termed as shock loss. The surgery puts your scalp through an intense amount of shock and trauma, while all the necessary care is taken to make sure that the loss is as less as possible, the chances of your scalp shedding hair as a response to all that trauma remain.

However, is short-lived and your hair will return to its usual pattern of growth as the process resets. No matter how much hair is lost in this period, the transplant will return to its regular growth pattern in a few months.

Permanent loss of hair due to shock is a rare phenomenon. It can only occur if the hair follicles have already been affected due to hair loss before extraction, which can happen if you are suffering from pattern baldness. Still, the surgeons generally discuss and educate you with every necessary aspect a length before proceeding with the surgery.

There is no real need to be concerned about shock loss and think about hair transplant and how long does it last, because it is a temporary case and only affects about 5% of all patients.

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