Here’s What You Should Know About Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty surgery is a nose reshaping or correction procedure. It is done to improve the appearance and shape of the nose, or in cases of any functional disabilities.

The best rhinoplasty surgery improves the shape of the nose and better breathing. 

It can be confusing to make a decision about nose surgery and one often wonders what to know about rhinoplasty before undergoing the procedure. Here we try to discuss everything to know about rhinoplasty before opting for the procedure.

Different types of Rhinoplasty Surgery

-Open Rhinoplasty: it is done on the outer area of the nose for reshaping the nose.

-Closed Rhinoplasty: it is done within the nose area to reshape the nose.

-Secondary/Revision Rhinoplasty: any difficulties that still exist or occur due to prior nose surgery are corrected using Secondary Rhinoplasty. 

-Filler Rhinoplasty: injectable fillers are used to modify the symmetry of the nose.

Risks of Rhinoplasty Surgery

-Improper healing leaving behind scar marks

-Skin discoloration 

-Trouble in breathing

-Post-operative pain or numbness in the nose area


-Side effects associated with anaesthesia

-Unsatisfactory results

Advantages of Rhinoplasty Surgery

-Nostrils are given a proper shape

-Nasal tip reduction

-Bridge of the nose can be reduced

-Nose is reshaped and resized to balance it with other facial features, improving the overall facial appearance

-A deflected septum can be corrected

-Improves the quality of breathing

Preparation before Rhinoplasty Surgery

To prepare for the Rhinoplasty Surgery your doctor will advise you to take a blood test, to either take or change certain medications, abstain from smoking, avoid aspirin, or any other anti-inflammatory drugs which may cause bleeding problems. It is advisable to be accompanied by someone during the surgery.

How is Rhinoplasty Surgery performed?

A few pre-operative photographs may be taken before starting with the procedure to compare the results post-surgery.

-An anesthesia is given first. The anesthesia may be local, general, or an intravenous sedative.

-An incision is made from the outside if performing an open rhinoplasty or from within the nose if undergoing a closed rhinoplasty.

-The nose is then reshaped either by the removal of the cartilage or bone in case of a big nose or by including cartilage grafts.

-A deflected septum is corrected by lowering and straightening the projections within the nose for enhanced breathing.

-The incision is closed once the desired shape of the nose is obtained.

The desired results can be seen only after complete healing and recovery.

Recovery following Rhinoplasty Surgery

It is important to know about Rhinoplasty surgery risks before opting for the Rhinoplasty surgery procedure. 

A little swelling and nose bleeding may be seen in and around the nose after the surgery which normally subsides in 7 to 10 days after the procedure. 

The following post-operative care should be taken following a Rhinoplasty Surgery:

-Aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medications should be avoided for at least three weeks following the surgery.

-A nutritious and light diet needs to be followed post-surgery. Hot food should be avoided immediately after the Rhinoplasty nose surgery.

-It is advisable to take at least a week’s rest following the surgery.

-Avoid wearing spectacles until the healing process is complete.

-Avoid too much talking or smiling.

-Avoid strenuous physical activities including lifting heavy objects or bending over the nose.

-Avoid travelling for at least three weeks after the surgery.

It is extremely important to choose a good surgeon for the best rhinoplasty surgery. The Rhinoplasty Surgery cost varies depending on the expertise of the surgeon, the locality of the clinic, and the type of Rhinoplasty Surgery you are undergoing. A good surgeon will let you know everything to know about Rhinoplasty before you undergo the procedure which includes details about rhinoplasty surgery types, about nose surgery risks, about rhinoplasty surgery advantages, about rhinoplasty preparation before the surgery, about rhinoplasty surgery recovery time, and about rhinoplasty procedure post-operative instructions to obtain the desired results.

Although the rhinoplasty surgery cost is an important criterion for choosing a surgeon, the rhinoplasty surgery price should not be an excuse to choose a sub-standard clinic or an unqualified doctor for the procedure. In this article, we have covered all the key points about what to know about rhinoplasty before opting for the procedure.

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