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FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

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The decision to undergo a surgery is a big one. And all factors should be thoroughly evaluated before going in for any surgery. If you or any of your relatives have had a medical procedure done, you will definitely understand the various important criterion that needs to be considered. One of the most important and deciding factors generally is the cost of the surgery.

Cost of Hair Transplant Pune

This becomes even more prominent if you are considering a cosmetic procedure of any kind.

These procedures are not covered under most insurances and hence need to be borne by the individual themselves.

For example – if you decide to go for one, do ensure beforehand that your insurer covers the hair transplant cost in Pune or not. It is highly likely that they won’t.

So how would you know how much is hair plantation cost in Pune? We are here to help you with the required details. It is important to understand that affordable and successful results can be had with hair transplant in Pune at low cost, without having to travel around the world.

What is actually needed, is to take the time to do a thorough research with not just the cost factor but also other things like the success ratio, the understanding of the procedure and the safety and hygiene standards.

hair transplant cost in pune

The Hair Transplant Cost May Vary Depending on various Factors Such as

When you have decided to go for a surgery, you need to keep in mind that nobody can tell you offhand, how much will a hair transplant cost in Pune. For that you will need to visit the doctor who will examine you and give you an idea. This is because the hair transplant cost in Pune, any other metro or other cities varies depending on a number of factors like
  • Doctor’s academic credentials It is of utmost importance to understand that a hair transplant is a surgical procedure and hence should only be performed by a surgeon who is qualified and licensed to do the surgery. This is the first thing you should check before deciding to get a hair transplant in Pune at low cost since the cost will depend on your doctor’s credentials.
  • Doctor’s experience and knowledge When you are agreeing for a surgery, you are also accepting a life changing impact, the surgery may have. More so for a cosmetic surgery, where your outward appearance may change for goo. Hence, you should not just worry about the hair transplant cost in Pune, but also whether your doctor has sufficient experience of the type of surgery you need.
  • Doctor’s aesthetic sensibilities Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery, which has a direct bearing on your appearance. Hence, another factor that you should be careful about is to find a doctor with great aesthetic sensibility. Of course, as the doctor’s expertise and artistic skills increase, so does the cost.
  • Your line of treatment There are majorly two types of hair transplant surgeries – FUT and FUE. Both differ in the type of cases that can be treated, the method, the equipment and the impact. The exact technique suited to your requirement can only be identified by your doctor and has a direct bearing on the cost.
  • Graft Volume A very important fact to know is that the hair transplant cost in Pune or anywhere else in the world is calculated on the basis of number of grafts and not hair strands transplanted. How many grafts are required in your case can be determined by your doctor, impacting the cost.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the cost of hair transplant?

The cost of the surgery depends on the number of grafts needed, and your doctor should be able to help with the amount for your specific case.

Are there any side effects of hair transplant surgery?

Generally, there are no side effects of the hair transplant surgery, but there might be a rare possibility, that you get numbness, irritation or mild pain during recovery.

What is the recovery time after hair transplant?

The surgical bandages will be removed within 1-2 days after which you can resume normal activities.

When can I expect hair growth after hair transplant surgery?

Your transplanted will fall off after a week or two. Then natural hair growth will occur and you can see the effect in 4-6 weeks.

What if there is uneven hair growth after surgery?

Consult your doctor and they will recommend follow up surgery if required

How does my new hair look after the surgery?

The hair growth after transplant is natural and you do not need to take any extra precautions with it.

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