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hair transplant cost in mumbai, Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai

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FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

hair transplant cost in mumbai, Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai
hair transplant cost in mumbai, Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai
hair transplant cost in mumbai, Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai
hair transplant cost in mumbai, Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai

Cost of Hair Transplant Mumbai

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Hair loss is one of the most common ailments of the modern day world. All the stress, the anxiety and even the environmental conditions like pollution are collectively responsible for the increasing number of people having hair loss. However, this is not considered such a huge problem simply because of the number of treatments available.

Hair transplant is considered as one of the best treatment options for the right candidates as it is a permanent solution. However, one of the limiting factors of going for this or any other treatment is the cost involved. It is natural to think how much would a hair transplant cost in Mumbai? If the cost is high, the patient may decide not to go for the treatment. On the other hand, if you get a hair transplant in Mumbai at low cost, you may worry about the quality of treatment.

hair transplant cost in mumbai, Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai

You have been through the difficult part – putting in hours of online research, frequenting online communities, talking to so many people, facing your fears – you’ve been there, done that! And now you are in the final stages of your preparation for going in for a hair transplant surgery. You are meeting your shortlisted doctors, making notes and decisions.

One very important factor to remember in this crucial stage is the monetary aspect. Make, finding out how much a hair transplant cost in Mumbai, a part of your research.

This is going to be critical in your decision to go for a doctor and the surgery you have so patiently being waiting for. Finding out whether or not your insurance covers your surgical cost is as important as any of the other factors.

In this article, we try to help you with a few pointers, which determine how much can a hair transplant cost in Mumbai or any other city. This may become a make or break decision for you.

Factors Affecting Cost of Hair Transplant in Mumbai

  • Number of grafts required – The hair on human body grows in follicles. Each follicle may contain anywhere between 1 to 4 hair strands. Thus, when calculating the hair transplant cost in Mumbai or any other city, it is done on the basis of number of follicular units (or grafts) that have been transplanted.
  • Type of treatment – Another important parameter during the treatment and hence the basis of the cost determination is the type of treatment. Type of hair transplant varies based on how the follicles are extracted for transplant and are thereby called FUT or FUE. In FUT, an entire strip of tissues is removed from the donor area, from which the hair follicles are extracted and grafted, whereas in FUE, each follicle is extracted separately for grafting. Thus, FUE is more expensive.
  • Gender of the patient – This certainly has a bearing on the hair transplant cost in Mumbai, with the female hair transplant being slightly costlier than the male transplant.
  • Qualifications and experience of the doctor – A very important and critical component of the cost break up is the qualification of the doctor who will be conducting the surgery. A well-qualified and experienced plastic surgeon can carry out the procedure in a much better and aesthetic way as compared to others. The aesthetics matter because this procedure can completely alter the way you look. Hence, it is always a good idea to go with a reputed surgeon who has a demonstrated history of successful hair transplants.
  • Facilities at the clinic – The hair treatment cost in Mumbai also depends on the facilities provided by the clinic where the procedure is being carried out. For a clinic with stat-of-the-art tools and good facilities, the cost will certainly be higher.
  • The donor area – A critical component of the hair transplant procedures is the donor area, from where the healthy hair follicles are extracted for transplant. Thus, it is also a determinant of hair transplant cost in Mumbai.

The Hair Transplant Cost May Vary

There are a number of reasons the best hair transplant in Mumbai cost may vary. If you look at these carefully before making a choice, there is a very high possibility that you get hair transplant in Mumbai at low cost. Let us examine these parameters one by one

A reputed doctor performing PRP hair treatment in Mumbai, clarifies further – your blood consists of two major components

  • The surgeon’s qualification – Like every other medical procedure, this is an extremely important factor in your choosing a doctor for your operation. Also, the qualification is directly proportional to the hair transplant cost in Mumbai. Beware, do not make the mistake of going to a less qualified doctor, just to save costs; it may cost you a lot more than you bargained for!
  • The surgeon’s subject matter expertise and hands on experience – The more experience a doctor has, the more safe and easy your procedure becomes. Also, the hair transplant cost or for that matter any other city goes up with the expertise of the surgeon. As the doctor performs a higher number of surgeries, the fees also increases.
  • Aesthetics of the surgeon – One area where a cosmetic procedure like hair transplant differs from the other medical procedures is, the cosmetic surgeon needs to be careful about the aesthetics as much as the procedure. After all, they are working on the patient’s appearance and can alter that forever. Hence, as the doctor’s aesthetic value and reputation increases, so does the hair transplant cost in Mumbai.
  • Your prescribed line of treatment – A major factor in determining how much your hair transplant will cost is the line of treatment your doctor has prescribed. The traditional FUT procedure costs less as compared to the newer FUE, but FUE has its own distinct advantages over FUT. Your doctor is the best person to make that call. Even though, it may impact how much your hair transplant costs in Mumbai, it’s better to follow what the doctor suggests.
  • Support staff – Hair transplant is an intensive surgery and takes up a lot of time. A doctor will definitely need trained support staff during the procedure. As the number of support staff increases, so does the cost. But, there are some doctors who hire untrained staff to cut the costs. This can become troublesome and dangerous during a procedure. Try to find a surgeon, who has well trained staff and that may get you a hair transplant in Mumbai at low cost.
  • The medical facility – Finally, the safety and hygiene standards of the medical facility determine the hair transplant cost in Mumbai.
The plasma contains white blood cells and other substances that help in cell growth promoting blood clots in case of injury. This fact is exploited to increase the growth rate of your thinning hair, providing you with healthier and better hair.

Why Choose Artius Mumbai For Hair Transplant

Artius Clinic is known for providing quality hair transplants, in which it specialises. Thus, if you are looking for a quality result-oriented, and best hair transplant cost in India Mumbai, Artius should be your number one choice. With the increasing hair treatment cost in Mumbai at a swift pace, Artius promises quality results that will last you your lifetime.

  • Experience in FUE Technology
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Emphasis on safety and hygiene


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hair transplant cost in mumbai, Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai

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hair transplant cost in mumbai, Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai
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hair transplant cost in mumbai, Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai
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hair transplant cost in mumbai, Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai

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hair transplant cost in mumbai, Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai

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