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FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

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In today’s Instagram and Snapchat dominated world, it is extremely important to appear at your best, wherever you are. Having a head full of healthy, naturally shining hair definitely is part of the deal. But what do you do when heredity plays spoilsport?

Like every other ailment, there is a huge amount of research done to find a solution for permanent hair fall. One of the most widely known medical procedures to treat this is hair transplant. There are majorly two types of hair transplant surgeries – FUT and FUE. Here, we concentrate more on FUE and the options for FUE hair transplant in Pune.

What is FUE?

Let us begin with understanding what is hair transplant? Our hair naturally grows in clusters of 1 to 6 hair strands. These clusters known as a follicular unit are distributed randomly across the scalp and other body parts.

 As a noted surgeon performing FUE hair transplant in Pune explains – during hair transplant, the Follicular Unit from one area of the patient’s scalp (where the density of hair growth is high) is taken and grafted onto another area.

fue hair transplant in pune

How Does it Work

The hair transplant can be done by two methods as explained below

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) – This is the traditional method of performing hair transplant. In this method, the surgeon removes a 6-10 inch section of the patient’s scalp having a high density of follicular units. The scalp is then stitched together with sutures. The technicians remove individual follicular units from the section, which are then grafted one by one onto the balding areas of the scalp.

This process leaves a scar along the line where the scalp tissues were removed, which is covered by the hair growing around the area.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – This is the newer and increasingly more popular method of performing Hair Transplant. As a doctor specializing in FUE hair transplant in Pune details out, during the surgery, instead of removing a section of the scalp, individual follicular units are removed and grafted onto the affected area.

This method is preferred due to two major advantages
  • There is minimal scarring, since individual follicular units are removed
  • The recovery period is comparatively faster
While deciding whether to go for a FUE over FUT, there are a number of pros and cons that need to be weighed in as highlighted by a well-known doctor performing FUE hair transplant in Pune

FUE Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Minimal Scarring – The procedure is such that the scarring is extremely minimal
  • Quick Recovery – Since the smaller punches take much lesser time than the stitches to heal, the recovery time for FUE is lesser than that of FUT
  • Natural Appearance – As a specialist of FUE hair transplant in Pune points out, the hair being transplanted is taken from the patient’s scalp, it is of the same natural colour and texture.
  • Lesser transplants – In case of FUE, a lesser number of follicular units can be extracted from the similar sized donor area as in FUT. Hence, a larger donor area is required for FUE
  • More fragile – The grafted follicular units can be more fragile as they are extracted through devices and not manually, so contain lesser protective fat and tissues
  • Higher Cost – As FUE is a specialized surgery, the FUE hair transplant cost in Pune is higher than FUT
fue hair transplant cost in pune

How Long does it Take to recover?

Once you have undergone FUE hair transplant in Pune or any other city, remember
  • The recovery time may be less than a week
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity during this period
  • The transplanted hair will off leading to newer and natural hair growth


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