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Having a head full of long, thick, lustrous and healthy hair is a dream that almost everyone has. But our daily routine including the running around and the stress with improper dietary habits wreaks havoc on our beloved tresses. It doesn’t help that age also plays a big factor and many other reasons all club together lead to hair fall at an alarming rate. The worst part being, we realize all this only when it is too late.

But how will you react if someone tells you, it never is too late? Yes that’s true! With the advancements in medical technologies, there are a number of treatments available to rectify the loss of hair fall, even permanent one due to diseases like androgenic alopecia. As more and more people get affected by the problem, there are more and more clinics opening that provide multiple restorative procedures like FUE hair transplant

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

We have all heard of hair transplant, but what exactly is FUE hair transplant. That surely is the first question that popped up in your mind. No problem, here we will not only tell you what is it all about, what are the advantages, what are the risks and what are the limitations of the procedure but also tell you what are the costs that you may incur to get best FUE hair transplant in Mumbai.
Hair transplant is essentially a medical procedure, in which the hair is taken from a donor site on your own scalp (where the hair density is high) and transplanted on to the less dense or balding area by means of small grafts. The different methods of extracting the hair follicles is the basis of the two major hair transplant techniques, viz.
In FUSS (FUT), a small strip – about 6 to 8 inches – is removed from your scalp. This is then further cultivated for the follicles, which are then grafted onto the receiving site. As one of the doctors performing FUE hair transplant in Mumbai points out, the difference in FUE is that no strip is extracted. Instead, special devices are used to extract individual follicles for the grafts.

fue hair transplant in mumbai, FUE Hair Transplant Mumbai

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant

The advantages of the FUE hair transplant method are
  • Minimum scarring instead of the long scar due to tissue strip removal
  • Faster recovery period
  • Can be performed even if the donor site is not on the scalp

Limitations of FUE Procedure

But at the same time, as a surgeon performing FUE hair transplant in Mumbai points out, there are certain limitations of the FUE method. Some of the important limitations include
  • It isn’t a preferable method if the donor sites also have low density hair growth
  • It is not suitable where a higher number of grafts are needed, that is recipient site density is extremely low
  • There is a higher chance of follicle damage during the procedure, since it is difficult to judge the shape of the follicle under the skin.
  • Since it is a specialized technique and requires precision equipment, the cost is on the higher side.

Cost of FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

Despite its obvious limitations, the FUE transplant method is a boon for those who actually are good candidates for it, and decide to go for the same. Another important factor in deciding whether to go for a FUE hair transplant in Mumbai is definitely the cost.

The FUE hair transplant cost in Mumbai keeps varying depending upon the area to be treated, the experience of the surgeon, the exact location of the clinic and many different factors.

Ensure to double check whether your insurance covers the surgery. Some insurers may not cover hair transplant procedures.

Also, the FUE hair transplant cost in Mumbai is determined on the basis of “no. of follicles” transplanted and not on “no. of hair transplanted” as each transplanted follicle can have more than one hair strand.

fue hair transplant in mumbai, FUE Hair Transplant Mumbai


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