Everything That You Must Know About Gynecomastia Surgery

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Gynecomastia is a condition that results in the enlargement of the male breast tissues, which can lead to embarrassment in them. Expansion of the male breast tissue may be the result of hormonal imbalance. However, in some cases, the breast tissue may also shrink after puberty, but for most of the men, the breasts remain enlarged. Some of the common causes of Gynecomastia are puberty, excess weight gain, use of some body-building supplements like steroids and a lot more. Now Gynecomastia can occur to both the breasts and that might result in asymmetric or unilateral breasts.

Surgery to rectify Gynecomastia:-

Now people suffering from Gynecomastia want to get rid of the unwanted lumps of glandular breast tissues and fats from their breasts. Gynecomastia surgery helps these people to remove these excess glandular breast tissues and fat strategically. The excessive fat is removed through liposuction, whereas the breast tissues are removed through a fine incision in the margin of the nipple-areolar region.

However, before undergoing this gyno surgery procedure, you must follow the instructions that are provided by your cosmetic surgeon. The guidelines include stop intaking blood-thinning medications, stop smoking at least 24 hours before undergoing the procedure and also increase the nutrition support that can promote rapid healing after surgery. Surgeons usually perform this surgical procedure under general Anesthesia, but they may also go for local Anesthesia for some patients who may need not to undergo an extensive process. The patients immediately after undergoing the procedure must start using a compression garment to alleviate pain, swelling and bruising.


The recovery period of a male breast reduction surgery mostly depends on the severity of the condition. For patients with some excessive fatty tissues can get rid of the situation just by undergoing a liposuction procedure. So they are most likely to experience a shorter recovery time, and they can resume their daily activities and exercises within a week.

Now men who have an excessive amount of glandular breast tissues will need to undergo a tissue excision gyno surgery. The procedure involves removing the breast tissues surgically but requires a more extended recovery period. It may even take two to four weeks to recover completely, but they will be able to resume daily activities within seven to ten days of undergoing the procedure.


Gynecomastia surgery involves no complications or significant side effects, and this is absolutely a safe procedure. The patients must follow the instructions that are provided by the surgeon to speed up the recovery process. But there are exceptions and complications may even occur anytime.

Some of the most common Gynecomastia after surgery complication includes swelling, bruising, bleeding, loss of nipple sensation, scarring, numbness in the area of treatment, asymmetrical breasts, etc. If patients are suffering from any of these conditions, they must consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon and opt for the best solution.

Gynecomastia treatment cost:-

The Gynecomastia surgery cost depends on various factors like the extent of the surgical procedure, amount of fat and glandular tissues to be removed, Anesthesia used the operating room facilities, the pre and post-op medications, surgeon’s fee, location of the clinic.

It is only an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can tell you the exact gynecomastia surgery price only after evaluating your health condition. In most cases, the gynecomastia surgery cost does not have any insurance coverage, but each insurance policy differs so you must carefully review your policy and understand the coverage limits.

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