Do’s And Dont’s After A Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant surgery is a surgical hair restoration procedure in which the hair follicles are extracted from one part of the body, which is the ‘donor site.’ Then it is transferred to the balding or’ recipient site.’ The hair transplant surgery has become quite popular recently, and a lot of men and women are choosing to undergo this procedure.

But people who are interested in undergoing the hair transplant procedure must be aware of all the after hair transplant care. Following the instructions that are provided by the surgeon is very vital to achieve the best results. 

So mentioned below are some crucial tips that must always be followed until a few weeks after undergoing the procedure.


  • Immediately after undergoing the hair transplant procedure, someone must help the patients to drive back home because they may feel tired as an effect of the anesthetic administered to reduce pain and discomfort during the process. So driving in that condition is not recommended safe at all.
  • Once you are back home, it is essential to follow the list of things to do after a hair transplant. There are general guidelines too, but it is the best idea to abide by the instructions that are provided by your doctor.
  • It is recommended to keep the scalp dry for the first few days to avoid complications and speed up the recovery process. After a few days, based on after hair transplant care instruction provided by your surgeon, patients can only wash their hair with medicated shampoos.
  • Another most important after hair transplant care includes keeping the area around scalp completely clean in the entire recovery period. Some patients may also experience soreness and numbness in the grafted area but must never use anything on your scalp to avoid side effects.
  • People undergoing a FUT hair transplant procedure must strictly follow a post hair transplant care regime to avoid scarring. Patients must use prescribed antibiotic topical creams to prevent infection and reduce scalp irritation and swelling.
  • Having painkillers during the hair transplant recovery process is mandatory to relieve pain and discomfort because after three to four hours, the anesthesia wears off gradually, and patients start feeling some pain and discomfort.
  • The hair transplant care after surgery recommends patients to sleep in an upright position for the next two nights. Maintaining this position is essential to avoid any excess swelling or damaging the transplanted hair on the scalp. But if the grafts are implanted in the lower crown, then, the patients must sleep on their side for the first two nights.


  • Hair transplant post-surgery instruction includes avoiding sun exposure for a few days after undergoing the procedure, especially if the scalp remains swollen.
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarettes for the first five days after undergoing the procedure can give rise to hair transplant side effects, as alcohol and nicotine interfere with the blood circulation to the head.
  • Post hair transplant care instructs patients to avoid sports activities that may result in perspiration as that may increase the chances of infection. Sports activities can only be resumed after ten days of undergoing the procedure.
  • The last post hair transplant care instructs patients to avoid touching the newly grafted follicles even if it feels a bit itchy as that may result in damaging the hair follicles, and that may fall out.

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