Does A FUE Hair Transplant Last Forever?

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One of the biggest questions that most doctors get asked is whether the result of an FUE hair transplant procedure lasts forever? The short answer to this question is ‘Yes!’ FUE results usually last for a lifetime.

Both FUT and FUE hair treatment usually last a lifetime. In the surgical treatment for hair loss, the donor hair follicles are grafted to the balding areas. These donor hair follicles preserve the characteristics of the existing hair and enable healthy hair growth. To experience a successful FUT or FUE hair transplant process, you must make sure that you have selected an experienced, reputable and certified hair surgeon. Their skills and efficiency can impact hair growth of the transplanted hair follicles and, in turn, impact the overall results. If you are undergoing the procedure under an experienced professional, then be sure to expect a natural-looking FUT or FUE result that will last forever.

If you have decided to undergo an FUE hair transplant process, you will need a dedicated, caring, and efficient surgeon whose skills can accomplish the most desirable result. Even though the best FUE hair transplant procedure delivers a permanent and long-lasting result, the durability also depends on individual health and their efforts to maintain their hair post-procedure. 

When will you be able to see the final result?

One of the most common questions asked by patients looking forward to undergoing an FUE hair treatment is the results. The final result of the procedure will vary from person to person, but it does not take more than 12 months to see the results. 

After FUE hair transplant, the newly transplanted hair follicles will need time to settle and get attached to the cells around them to trigger hair regrowth. It is vital to ensure that you adhere to the post-op instructions given to you after undergoing a hair transplant procedure. The post-op instructions facilitate a safe and rapid recovery. 

You may experience minor hair shedding during your recovery period in the first few days after FUE hair transplant. The condition is called hair shedding and is a common phenomenon after which the transplanted hair follicles will start to grow gradually. You may also get to look at some of the FUT and FUE before and after pictures to get a clear understanding of the final FUT or FUE result.

How is a FUE hair transplant procedure performed?

The FUE hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical hair restoration procedure where the physician will remove hair follicles from the donor site and transfer them to the recipient areas. Usually, the donor site is towards the sides or back of the scalp. They are Dihydrotesterone or DHT resistant areas of the scalp. Dihydrotesterone is natural hormones called androgens that often lead to hair loss. By extracting hair follicles from DHT resistant areas of the scalp, your surgeon ensures that your hair does not shed off in the future. Even though FUE is the least invasive procedure, the process is performed under local anaesthesia to ensure that the patient does not feel significant pain or discomfort. At the same time, the extracted hair follicles are transferred to the balding area to accomplish the most natural appearance.

Why choose us?

Artius plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics are well known for achieving excellent and satisfactory hair transplant for both men and women. The experienced hair transplant surgeons empanelled in our hair clinic are professionally trained. They ensure that you receive the best throughout your journey with us. 

Before you undergo the best FUE hair transplant procedure, your doctor will first review your medical report, medications and perform a physical examination to determine which hair restoration treatment will be ideal for your condition. 

At the Artius clinic, you will meet Dr Sagar Gundewar, who is one of the best professionals in Mumbai. He has immense knowledge and experience in performing hair restoration procedures. Dr Sagar Gundewar and Dr Komal Gundewar started Artius centre in 2006 to cater to people suffering from hair loss. If you are experiencing hair loss leading to baldness, you may want to consider consulting with the doctors at Atrius clinic. If you choose to undergo a procedure, you will be under the guidance of some extraordinarily talented and experienced physicians.

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