Common Scalp Problems and How to Treat Them

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Scalp conditions can be quite frequent, and can on occasion cause some kind of baldness. Problems concerning the scalp may vary from the regular dandruff that is very common to skin bothersome psoriasis and everything in between. To assist you know what could be happening with your own scalp here’s a breakdown of the most common scalp ailments and how to deal with them.


What can it be?

Thought to be an autoimmune illness, Psoriasis is the point where the cells inside the upper layer of the skin are overactive, resulting in a red/pink scaly rash, and which is swollen and have a yellowish look. It may affect any part of your body, but the most frequent place is the hairline and scalp. This condition means that the easiest of tasks like moving to the hairdressers or perhaps simply blow drying your hair may cause you a great deal of pain and aggravation.


Steroids can help alleviate this illness, or you may require shots known as organics to keep the flare ups to a minimum. Excimer Laser Treatment might also be a choice; this works by targeting human stains that haven’t responded to other treatments. It is a fantastic idea to also consider your everyday hair routine. Maintaining Cleanup to a minimal and employing a curative oil lotion may also assist.


What can it be?

That is if your hair follicles swell and inflame. Bacteria, often because of staph infection, shaving irritation, excessive perspiration or any hair dyes is normally the cause. It seems as little pus filled bumps, nearly similar to acne.


Your physician will assess whether the region is contaminated and if it’s, then oral or topical antibiotics are generally the best treatment. If the area isn’t infected then only an anti-inflammatory medication, including a steroid lotion should help.


What can it be?

Alopecia is when you suffer with remarkable baldness, which may be brought on by drugs, genetics, hormonal abnormalities and baldness fragility. The moment you see baldness very often and bald spots emerging it is very good to find assistance and have an appointment with a trichologist when possible.


Your physician might want to conduct blood tests directly away to ascertain the reason for your baldness. It might be that you’re anaemic type a vitamin deficiency, have a thyroid abnormality or gastrointestinal difficulties. If none of the above applies, then anxiety or inadequate diet might be the reason.

A trichologist will execute a through physical examination along with other hair ailments such as Psoriasis or Seborrheic Dermatitis is going to be considered. Thinning because of hormonal imbalances might be therapy using a thickening treatment named Rogaine, or Spironolatone, a tablet that helps block the male hormone which increases when girls begin the menopause.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

What can it be?

Also called cradle cap in babies or dandruff in adults, it can result in red itchy spots that may get scaly and fatty. Worse in winter as a result of changes in fever, this illness can be awkward.


Fixing the illness early is wise, so you prevent huge baldness in the long run. Strong yeast shampoos could be prescribed. Ketoconazole is extremely effective is treating the flaky illness, however when this does not work then topical steroid creams may be utilized.

If you are worried about the status of your scalp or anxiety you might be suffering with a few of these conditions previously, it is vital to seek assistance early. Our friendly experienced professionals in the Artius Clinic will been fast to diagnose and cure most scalp ailments before a lot of harm occurs, letting you be free of distress when possible. Why not book in for a consultation now?

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