4 Ways To Recover From Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia, otherwise known as the male breast, is such a condition that is characterized by puffy, tender breasts which may not give rise to some severe health issues but may affect them emotionally. Gynecomastia is a prevalent condition and affects many men around their 50’s or 60’s.  Such people who want to get rid of … Read more

Dermal fillers: The secret to turning back your age clock constantly

Even though you follow a good skin-care routine to fight ageing, you would reach a point where it isn’t effective anymore. Under such circumstances, the only option you have is to seek professional help and choose to undergo Dermal filler injections that can provide your much-needed rescue! What are Dermal Fillers? Dermal filler injections are a non-invasive … Read more

Amitabh Bachchan – Hair Transplant

About Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bacchan is the son of the profound poet Harivanshrai Bachchan and Teji Bachchan. He has a brother named Ajitabh. He finished his schooling from Uttar Pradesh and moved to Mumbai (then Bombay) to look for some employment as a film star. The film-producers favoured somebody with fairer skin, and he was … Read more

Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Men of varied ages may suffer from various hair loss issues that may even give rise to balding problems. From thinning hair to alopecia, hair fall may occur for various reasons, and men worldwide are suffering from this condition. Thankfully, with the significant advancements in medicine, there are different hair loss treatments for men available in the … Read more

What are the best methods to get a cost-effective hair transplant in Mumbai?

Hair transplantation is one of the most popular cosmetic hair restoration processes. The bald resistant and healthy hair follicles are extracted from the scalp’s donor area and then meticulously implanted to the balding area at an appropriate angle so that the most natural appearance is accomplished.  Usually, cosmetic surgeries are expensive and are mainly opted … Read more

Understanding The Rise In Popularity Of Beard Transplant

Hair transplant has been very popular recently as it has been delivering incredibly natural-looking appearance in individuals who otherwise would have been suffering from hair loss or balding issues. Thankfully, technology has now become more diverse. Instead of just transplanting hair follicles on the scalp, there is a growing demand for different hair transplant procedures … Read more