Is Excess Protein Bad for Your Hair

You obviously lose up to 100 hairs every day, but excess hair loss, called alopecia, may be alarming. You will lose more hair than usual as a result of genetic male-pattern balding, specific medicines, postpartum nutritional supplements or nutrient deficiencies. If you have been after a high-protein diet, then you might have eliminated specific foods, … Read more

Best Hair Loss Prevention Tips

However, there are, things you can do to slow or stop hair loss, what to do to stop hair loss is based on the reason. Some scenarios, such as hair loss after pregnancy, can resolve by themselves. And keep in mind that everybody sheds hair every day, which can be normal. It is when baldness … Read more

Can Depression Cause Hair Loss

Hair provides us a sense that is great — that is known by everybody. And yet, few men and women think about the association between baldness and health. Many mental health ailments can cause unhealthy or thinning hair, forming a cycle of harm to self-esteem which might appear hard to escape. This blog show concentrates … Read more

Childhood Hair Losses What Are The Causes

Kids’ hair grows inside a life cycle that is natural. A hair strand will rise actively for between two and six years of age, then the strand passes a resting (Telogen) stage. After about three months, the hair will fall out a strand. There is normal hair growth in kids, but some kid hair loss … Read more

Common Scalp Problems and How to Treat Them

Scalp conditions can be quite frequent, and can on occasion cause some kind of baldness. Problems concerning the scalp may vary from the regular dandruff that is very common to skin bothersome psoriasis and everything in between. To assist you know what could be happening with your own scalp here’s a breakdown of the most … Read more