When Does Hair Starts To Grow After A Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is the best hair growth treatment that involves a surgical procedure where the donor hair follicles are transferred to the recipient or the hair thinning/ balding area. The hair restoration procedure is performed in two most common methods- Strip or FUT (Follicular unit transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). In the FUT procedure, a strip … Read more

Natural Methods To Instigate Hair Growth

Originally, baldness was viewed as an indication of aging, but at the urban situation with everybody leading a busy lifestyle, it is now a reason for stress for many. There are a variety of causes of hair loss, which range from drugs, hormonal imbalance, and the sort of diet you eat work stress. As a … Read more

5 Natural Ways To Thicken Your Hair

Thinning of hair may frequently be regarded as a precursor to baldness and is among the very first indicators your own hair is crying out for a much needed attention. Even though there’s an abundance of products available on the market which promise to have the ability to thicken and strengthen your hair, you will … Read more