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Postoperative care and instructions should be followed meticulously after any surgery to get the desired results. Also, it is important to wait for an appropriate time after any surgical procedure to get the desired result. It is important to be patient during this waiting period.

Similarly, one needs to take hair transplant care post-surgery and follow all the hair transplant post-op care instructions given by the doctor. The kind of after transplant hair care a patient follows is essential in determining the final results of the surgery. Your doctor will provide you with all the instructions on hair transplant care after surgery and it is up to you as to how well you manage to follow these hair transplant care steps.

Post-Operative care after hair transplant 

Hair Transplant care protocols are not very difficult to follow. These are the instructions that need to be followed as hair transplant post-operative care procedures:

-The transplanted area should not be scratched or rubbed for about two weeks following the surgery for hair care after hair transplant surgery, as this is the time the graft will take to get accepted and fixated to the recipient site. The recipient and donor area should be handled with care after hair transplant to help in the reduction of crusting and help in rapid healing. The patient can however take a shower on the very next day of surgery by taking care after hair transplant that water flows very gently over the surgical site.

-As a hair transplant post-op care it is advisable to sleep with the head in an elevated position for the first two days as a post hair transplant care protocol. This is done to reduce the swelling that may occur following the hair transplant surgery. This swelling starts in the forehead region and then moves downwards around the eyes and the bridge of the nose.

-Aftercare of hair transplant includes avoiding direct exposure to sunlight for 4 to 6 weeks following the surgery. If one has to step out, a loose-fitting cap can be worn on the head to avoid direct sunlight and for hair care after hair transplant.

-Hair transplant post-operative care includes avoiding all types of strenuous physical activities for two to three weeks as a means of aftercare of hair transplant surgery.

-Hair transplant care includes complete abstinence from smoking for a minimum of three weeks following the surgery, as smoking leads to a decrease in blood supply causing delayed healing and poor hair growth.

-As aftercare of hair transplant, any kind of chemical treatment such as hair coloring or dying should be completely avoided for at least four to five weeks after the surgery. The camouflaging agents can be used on hair three weeks after the surgery.

-Stress should be avoided as post-care after a hair transplant, especially during the healing period. One can do calming activities such as yoga or meditation, and get adequate sleep to reduces stress.

-A well-balanced and nutritious diet that is rich in protein is a must as an after transplant hair care procedure to enable healthy growth of hair. Including lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet and drinking a good amount of water helps in providing the essential vitamins and nutrients required for hair growth as post-care after hair transplant.

Hair transplant care post-surgery is extremely important in determining the final results of your surgery. A good surgeon will not only perform the hair transplant procedure well but also explain in detail about hair transplant care after surgery and make sure that the patient follows all the post hair transplant care protocols appropriately to achieve the desired results.

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